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The Creator’s Message

Gabriele, the prophetess and spiritual ambassador of God for our time, received the following message from God, the Eternal One, on Feb. 27, 2001, which she passes on to her fellowman here:


The Creator:

I Am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. I Am the God of all true prophets.

I, God, the Almighty, raise My voice through My prophetess and spiritual ambassador, and direct it to all mankind.

Stop consuming your fellow creatures, which are your animal brothers and sisters!

Stop torturing them in animal experiments and in taking away their freedom by keeping them in barns and pens which are unworthy of animals. Animals love freedom just as you, the human beings.

Stop killing the tiniest of animals, the microscopic life of the soil, through artificial fertilizers, and excrements and the like!

Stop cutting and burning down the forests and taking the living space of animals away from them in forests and fields. Give them back their living space, the forests, fields and meadows; otherwise, your fate, which you have inflicted upon yourselves, will take away your house and home and your sources of food, through worldwide catastrophes which you have created yourselves through your behavior against the life, against the kingdoms of nature, including the animals.

Should human beings again toss My words to the wind, the storm, the fate that is worldwide, will begin and sweep away the people by the hundreds of thousands – on the one hand through worldwide catastrophes, on the other, through illnesses which break in over them like the epidemics which, by turning their backs on every kind of spiritual ethics and morals, they have inflicted on the animals that they are presently burning by the thousands. Similar things will happen to the one who does not turn back and change his ways.

My word is spoken. The worldwide apocalypse is underway. The one who does not want to hear this, will feel his created causes as effects at ever shorter intervals. I have raised the Earth with its plants, animals and minerals to Me. The one who continues to raise his hands against Mother Earth with all its forms of life will feel the effects. Stop torturing, killing and murdering!

You human beings, stop with your bestial behavior, which only hits back at you and no other being; for what you do to the least of your fellow creatures, you do to Me and to your self.

It is enough! Change your ways, otherwise the harvest, which is your seed, will move forward.

I AM the I AM, always the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow, in all eternity.






















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