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Who Are We When We "Sacrifice" Our Ego?

Who Are We When We "Sacrifice" Our Ego?

Gabriele, the prophetess and spiritual ambassador of God for our time, explains about this in the Cosmic School of Life on February 25, 2001. Here is a short extract:

When we hear or read about readiness to sacrifice or sacrificial courage, then we should not think that we should sacrifice some kind of object or even ourselves. We should take our base ego, everything that is against the law of love, and surrender it to Christ, give it over to Him, sacrifice it, as it were.

Why the word “sacrifice?” Is it not often a sacrifice for us to give up our all too cherished habits, our all too cultivated and maintained base ego? After all, it brought us something: self-aggrandizement, the ego that we could show off – in the end, that we could show ourselves off, who we are, how great we are, what performance we can give and so on. What happens now if we were to sacrifice everything that brings us to without, that upholds the tension of the human ego? Well, what are we then? Are we then anybody, at all? – Well, we are much more! We don’t have to keep tormenting ourselves with the question that keeps coming up: How can I then still present myself or show off in order to gain recognition and praise? What do I still have to do, so that my neighbor, the other person, sees me in the same light as I pretend to be, and much more?

Who are we then? We are very gradually thoroughly irradiated people who draw from the fount of life, from the wisdom and kindness of God. People who make this sacrifice of the baseness in them, experience inner greatness and farsightedness, and insight into external things. Work is done more easily. The person is happy from within, because he is more and more united with the source of Being. He is also successful in his profession, which he does not present in his ego, but uses to help another go forward, to progress and much more. He has inner greatness and draws, as said, from the fount of the All-wisdom and love of God.

The consciousness of such a person is wide open. He perceives many external things. Very gradually he begins to gain insight into the thoughts of his neighbor. Why? Because he no longer shows himself off, he no longer needs to aggrandize himself since he has inner greatness. He gains insight into conversations, into written papers. He can read out of everything all those things that remain closed to the other one who is not ready to sacrifice. He sees more deeply. He lives more. He feels and senses and grasps that as a being of the divine love he is, in the end, in everything, in nature, in the animals, in the very core of being of the soul of every person. He feels into the conversations. Yes, he feels into the processes at work and knows what has to be done, what has to be said, how he can help his neighbor. Whether the other one accepts the help or not is left up to the other, whom he wanted to serve and help with sensitivity and sympathy.

And so, we only sacrifice the narrowness, and receive the wide expanses, which is infinity



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