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The Word of God through
The Prophets of the Old Testament -
The Current Word of God
Through His Prophetess of the Present Time

The word of the Eternal, which Gabriele was privileged to receive on April 19, 2005, she passes on here:

I Am God, the Eternal One 
I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
I Am the God of all righteous prophets.
My word is the living word, the truth, the eternal law of love.

At all times I have taken people for Myself and made them into My speaking instruments, to prophets of God. Through them, I spoke to the people who opened their heart for Me, the Eternal One, and used their mind to weigh and measure, in order to find the truth in their hearts, in the very basis of their soul. They were and are today, too, striving to live the inner ethics and morals, which resulted and result from My commandments and also from the guidelines, the teachings about the law, proclaimed by My Son – called Jesus, the Christ – whom I sent to the people so that they might find their way into their eternal homeland.

Solely Christ is the way, the truth and the life in Me, the Spirit of love and freedom.

Jesus, who in the flesh was the son of a carpenter, dressed like the people. And the prophets whom I sent to the people were dressed like the people. No heavenly being that became a human being, in order as a human being, to proclaim my message, robed himself in crimson, gold and silk. And no prophet placed a pompous (ostentatious) power apparatus over himself, through which he drew the people under his spell with theological sophistries and teachings that contradict the eternal law, so that people worshipped it and believed they could grow closer to God only through the intercession of ecclesiastical “dignitaries.” The externalized habitus and the seeming truths of ecclesiastical ignorance let and still let people and souls become spiritual impoverished and orphaned.

At all times, the church officials, adorned with titles, luxury and power, instilled fear in the people and cleverly made them dependents of their teaching of damnation. The man Jesus was a man of the people. He came from the people and remained in the people. Jesus learned the trade of His physical father and also practiced it. The prophets, whom at all times I sent onto the Earth and into the world, were people from the people and worked among the people was their equals. They made no claims of being better than all others. I gave them no pomp, luxury and claim to power to take along on their sojourn as a prophet. They were and are not intellectuals. They placed no crowns on their heads and still do not; they did not and do not robe themselves according to a habitus chosen by human beings, in order to instill reverence in the people, so that the soul of the people pay them respect and homage and celebrate them as those chosen by God.

I Am the omnipresent God, who dwells in every person and in all the life forms of the Earth, of the whole of infinity. I Am not the God of rigid traditions, not the God of dogmas and rites, not the God who makes people dependent and binds them to a pagan, artificial religion with threatening gestures.

The ecclesiastically crowned heads take My name and the name of My Son in their mouths. Cleverly, with intellectual, theological rhetoric, they attune the people to their teaching of damnation and make the people believe that I agree with the teachings of the ecclesiastical deluders, with their traditions and rites. However, their heart is cold and imprinted with claims to power. The one who stages a so-called dogma theatre piece has no inkling of the All-One, who I Am, and of My Son.

The play of the church actors cannot be seen though only by those who themselves want to act, in order to stage a role on the state of the world theatre, which grants them dignity and prestige in church and state. The people, which has not learned to think, applauds and pays obediently.

I did not found any churches of stone, nor did My Son, called Jesus, the Christ. I called neither cardinals nor bishops nor priests nor pastors, to say nothing of a representative of God. I Myself Am represented in every person, in the whole of infinity.

I did not let the wealth worth billions rain down from heaven to the immensely rich churches, nor did I attire their representatives in crimson and precious gems. The billions come from tortured and mistreated people and from the state, which opens its state coffers more for the rich than for the poorest of the poor.

What the immensely rich church offers is merely the work of humans. The one who pays homage to this power structure will not only not understand Me, the Eternal One, through simple people whom I have called for Me, for My word, but will persecute these people and say bad things about them, similarly as the caste of priests has done at all times with the prophets and above all, with My Son, Jesus, the Christ.

The one who pays homage to a church power apparatus and acclaims people, whose satanic power structures have wreaked devastation in the souls of the people, has surrendered his thinking and his mind to the one who abuses the teachings of Jesus, the Christ, and is thus against the Co-Regent of the heavens, against My Son, Jesus, the Christ.

Among other things, Jesus, the Christ, instructed the people to go into a quiet chamber and close the door behind them, in order to pray in stillness to the One who lives in the temple of flesh and bone, in the soul of each person. The one who seeks out a house of stone, which is declared to be a church and was furnished in splendor, does not pray with the heart and all his senses to Me – not even when he calls My name thereby.

Many of these praying people – servile ones to the churches, the “hirelings” – make pilgrimages to their “shepherds,” like slaves to their masters, to the ecclesiastical excellencies and eminencies. The more inflated the habitus presents itself, the more high-ranking pilgrims make pilgrimages to their masters, especially when a so-called “holy father” calls them. Then they may pay the necessary honors to this one – surely not for nothing, for the Vatican has something to give them and pass on to them, messages of its kind, things that result in many a not nice, even cruel, thing.

A proclaimer of dogma, who twists the simple words of Jesus into their opposite, thus betraying the teachings of Jesus, the Christ.

Jesus taught that solely God, who I Am, is holy, and that a person should not call anyone on Earth “Father,” except for the One who is in heaven and who I Am in the word through the mouth of the prophets. The blasphemies that happen in this world, including through the representatives of the church institutions and their dependents, will cover the world bit by bit.

My word is the truth. What I revealed to the people who hear My word with heart and mind, will happen. The ecclesiastical power apparatus, to which the rulers of this world feel a part, and the sheep, who do not dare to think, who accept everything that the power-hungry in the church stage through their dogmas, will at the latest recognize in the beyond as souls that they did not worship Me, the God from eternity to eternity, but the idols which present themselves in sheepskin and work My name into their wool. It is the Antichrist, who cozily indulges in wealth, while people vegetate away and die of hunger.

The Mother Earth will be victorious over this world. I Am the I Am, omnipresent, also in every planet and thus, also in the Mother Earth.

This was My word, spoken through My prophetess, who, like all prophets, belongs to the people and not to a church power apparatus and not to a church power structure.

I Am the Father of all My children, who is united in love with everyone in the very basis of their souls.

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