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The Universal Life
of All Cultures Worldwide

The Teachings of the Universal Life is
the Teaching of the Love of God and Neighbor for Man, Nature and Animals.

Jesus founded no churches, nor did He attend any - and neither do we!

He came 2000 years ago to bring us the way, the truth and the life - the inner Reform. His teachings were used wrongly by the institutional churches to found an outer religion. This is why through the propehetic word today Christ again reveals the Kingdom of God, whose basis is the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount and the Lord's Prayer.

The one who follows Jesus, the Christ, without binding himself to priests and pastors, attains happiness, security andfreedom, and gains the inner life and experiences the nearness of God. That is the life in everyday life.


  • The Word of Universal Life is not the word of the churches,
    but always of the free spirit.

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The Sophia Library
The Center of the Free Spirit

Ever more people are asking where they can read and hear the unadulterated Word of God in written, audio and visual form, so as to absorb it more deeply. In responce, a spiritual International Center was created, in which people can immerse themselves in the eternal cosmic wellspring, the free spirit: >b>The Sophia Library

Help Us, Help the Animals!

Jesus, the Christ lived not only for the people, but also for the animals. He taught of unity among man, nature and animals. Therefore our appeal:
Help us put an end to the war in the woods and fields, in the slaughter houses and in the laboratories! Make peace with the animals, with nature and the earth! And no longer eat the flesh of your fellow creatures!

Original Christian Thinking and Living

A Message from the Eternal Law Of Love and of Life
Original Christians of today are not fanatic, nor do they lose touch with reality. Original Christians of today stand with both feet firmly planted on the ground. Their sentiments, however, are directed toward heaven.

The Prophetic Voice for the Animals

The animals are suffering unspeakably: in the slaughterhouses, in the experimental laboratories and due to hunting – they are killed by the millions so people can eat meat. “Help us, so that we also get a roof over our heads, like you have. Feel into your hearts, you people! Feel that we are your little animal brothers and sisters! ... Please, please help, so that people who love us can build shelters and give us food!”

The Message of Truth

The Message of Truth are free brochures with the following titles: "Pearls of Life for You", "You Are Not Alone", "The Sermon on the Mount - the Path to a Fulfilled Life", "The Ten Commandments of God - A Guide into a Higher Life", "A Fulfilled Life Into Old Age", "Help for the Sick and Suffering", "You Live Eternally - There Is No Death"

Who Is Sitting on the Chair of Peter?

The Occupant of the Chair of Peter cannot be the representive of Christ,because the pope represents a pagen cult of priests and not the teachings of Christ. The use of the name “Christ” by the Catholic Church and its accoutrement, the Luthern Church, is a labelling fraud. If the mainstream churches would simply call themselves “Roman Catholich” or “Lutheran,” that would be their affair. However, the Original Christians have made it their goal to rehabilitate the name of Christ, and for this reason, we point out the un-christian machinations of these institutions.

International Gabriele Foundation: Protect the Land of Peace - Simply Sign Here


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