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God is Freedom

God is freedom. He does not coerce us into anything. This is why we humans should also not exert pressure on our fellow man, neither in small nor in large things. This also holds true in terms of faith, in terms of religion. Whether an outer or an inner religion - no pressure may be exerted. Each one shall decide freely how he wants to strive towards God and whether he wants to at all. This is how God treats us. He lets us decide freely, but His will is that we again fulfill His will and are with Him again.
We should think of this often: With all His heart, God does not want us to torment ourselves; He does not want us to suffer, but that we be with Him, in the light, in the love. God, our Father, sent His Son so that we learn about the way to love, so that we find our way to love. And to where does Jesus, the Christ, direct us? "The Kingdom of God is within, in you."
That the Kingdom of God is in us and is not tied to an external place, to external conditions and events, means for us that each one of us has the freedom to let the inner kingdom grow and become, each day. Then we need no outer forms, no rites, no outer religion - we need the community of brothers and sisters, where each one says: "I go into my heart. I open up the Kingdom of God day by day in me, in order to again be consciously in the Kingdom of God as a being of light after the death of my body." The freedom lies in this.
The Universal Life is in this spirit of freedom. Universal Life means living in God. It is the same with the revelations of our brother and Redeemer, Christ. God leaves us our freedom. This is why there is freedom in Universal Life. God does not force us into any ritual. God does not force us into any dogmas. He wants us to be free, to decide freely. Freedom is living in God. And so, we can say that Universal Life is freedom.
If we live in this way, then we come together as free people in the spirit of love, who seek the community and who blossom in community, because the community is the same as unity. Unity is freedom. Freedom and unity make one strong in heart and strong in the love for God and for one's neighbor.
Original Christianity means community, unity. The Son came from the original stream and He brought us the life, the redemption. The Son of God is our Redeemer. This is why we call Him Christ. Since the true teaching, the law of love that Christ lived for us and taught us, comes from the original stream, we call ourselves Original Christians.
Original Christians are free people. They seek the community, but they bind themselves to no person. Original Christians are people who love one another ever more selflessly - without value-judgments. Selfless love means that I place my fellow man neither higher nor lower than I; my neighbor is a part of my eternal life.
In a true community we find the common good. Common good means that it is for the benefit of all. The common good is built on true brotherliness and selflessness. When every brother or sister keeps in his or her heart that part of his neighbor that is in him and activates this part in the awareness that God is in my neighbor, that God is in me, that we are one in God, then each one will be concerned that things go well for his neighbor. This is active Original Christianity. This is the common good, the benefit for all.
As in heaven, so on Earth. When we are aware of this and become daily more conscious of this, then the longing for our divine heritage, for the eternal law, awakens. This longing for God reminds us over and over again to get rid of our ego-law, our person-law, the constricting law of "me," of "mine" and "for me" where our neighbor has no place or room. Then we do get rid of the "good for me" and grow into the common good.
The common good is also the good of all together, where each one has a share of it. Each one puts his strength to use for the good of all.
No spirit being will say: "The other person should do it. I will rest now, my neighbor can perhaps do it better." Every being in God does everything in the Absolute Law. They do not rest at the cost of the energy of their neighbor. According to their abilities they work in the great whole for the benefit of all.
As in heaven, so on Earth. Universal Life means freedom - freedom in the Spirit of God. Universal Life means to open up the Kingdom of God in you, and you will find your way to a free community of brothers and sisters, who give honor to God alone. They give honor to God by daily letting God work more through them, through their selfless feelings, sensations, thoughts, words and deeds.
When we strive toward this day after day, then we find our way more and more into our divine heritage, into the Absolute Law, which is our true life, which makes us free, which makes us happy, which unites us.

This is only a small extract from the Cosmic School of Life, the Meeting of All God-Seekers which takes place every Sunday morning at 10:00 A.M. in many Original Christian Gathering Places.


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