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Universal Life - The Inner Religion

Christian Faith - Free in the Spirit of God

The inner religion is the life in God, who links all people in His unity and love.

The life in the Spirit of God was and is brought home to us by the spirit of truth, through the Ten Commandments of God and the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus.


The free Spirit, God, does not blow in an outer religion

God is the free Spirit and has nothing in common with an outer religion, with the church institutions. The church institutions have shaped their concepts about how God should be and how one should meet Him, and have forced their concept of God on their believers, in the end, also by the baptism of babies. These are outer religious concepts; this is the image of God of the church institutions, which, however, has nothing to do with the true One, God.
Outer religions have their respective traditions for worshipping their concept of God. In the Kingdom of God exist neither outer religions nor traditions. The church officials and many church believers have become rigid in their traditions.
And so, many no longer notice how much contempt for mankind exists in the contents of denominational church teachings. For them, as always, what is written in the Old Testament is binding.
In many passages it is attributed to Moses that, for instance, God, Himself, demanded the death penalty (at that time by stoning) - for the one who, for example, curses his parents, for the adulterer, for the one who resists the judgement of a priest, for homosexuals and much more. Many treacherous ways of behavior are attributed to God. One should lull His enemies into a false sense of security and then kill them. And on page after page there are of course "divine" instructions, which privileges are due the priests and how they should see to it that animals are brutally tortured, murdered, cut up and burned - as it says "as a pleasing odor for the Lord"... (Lev. 3:5)

All of this is the teachings of an outer religion. A look into history shows which fruits this has borne. One need only think of the crusades, the persecution of heretics and Jews, the inquisition, witch-burning and much more.

And what is the position of the outer religion toward the animals, our fellow creatures?
Even though Jesus, the Christ, expressly chastised every kind of killing - including the killing of animals - the official churches condone slaughterhouses, animal experiments, genetic experiments, yes, even ritualistic cruelties of a bestial kind to animals.

The Inner Religion Is Based on Freedom

The inner religion has no outer leaders.

People who follow Jesus, the Christ, form the inner religion as a community. It has no rites, no dogmas, no priests or pastors and no membership, and so, no baptism of babies.

The inner religion is based on freedom and freedom means to accept God's love and to learn God's love, in order to understand one's neighbor and to respect him or her as a son or daughter of God.
The one who applies the laws of God in his life step by step belongs to the inner religion, whether he joins a community of the inner religion or not.

People of the inner religion join together in the awareness that God is love and that His Spirit of love, of peace, of mercy and kindness dwells in every person, in every animal, in every plant, in every stone, yes, in every atom, in every molecule, in every drop of water.

The inner Christianity shows the way within to the love for God and for neighbor and points out the step-by-step path, so that a person may find his way out of the dozing sleep of the ego, that is, may awaken in the spirit of freedom.

True freedom contains self-respect as well as respect for one's neighbor. And so, freedom also means to be free from thinking against others or thinking that others should do this or that for us that we could do ourselves. To be free means to be focused on the one authority, on the intelligence, GOD, in order to learn what the will of God is.

If we use our freedom in the will of God, then we truly serve God and people.

True Faith, The Faith of the Deed, Liberates

True faith is the faith of the deed. In the right deed, in doing with God, in doing through the communication with the eternal Spirit, the help is there and the sense that God exists and that God helps - every sinner.

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