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Original Christian Thinking and Living

A Message from the Eternal Law
Of Love and of Life

Original Christians of today are not fanatic, nor do they lose touch with reality. Original Christians of today stand with both feet firmly planted on the ground. Their sentiments, however, are directed toward heaven.
The signs of an Original Christian life: Original Christians make no claim to absoluteness. Original Christians are, like many people, still imperfect, that is to say, they are still smaller and larger sinners. But what distinguishes them is the fact that they first look for their part in the mistakes and infringements against the law of God, the love and the life, and they also find it with the help of the Christ of God. They then clear up the "un-good" with Christ's help, and no longer commit the same or like thing. In this way, among other things, they grow to be one with the innermost part of their neighbor, the God-spark in him.
The striving of the Original Christians toward heaven consists in the fact that they orient themselves to the commandments of God and to the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus, the Christ - in which is also contained the Lord's Prayer - which give us Original Christians an essential task in the following words of Jesus:
"The one who hears these words of mine and does them, is like a wise man who built his house upon the rock."
Jesus also spoke about DOING His teaching, which He also has revealed and is revealing anew to the people as the Christ of God, and, at that, during our time through the prophetic word of Gabriele.


For Original Christians, the love for God and for neighbor and living in unity encompasses the animals, the plants and stones, all life-forms on the whole Earth and in all of infinity. Original Christians are intent on keeping unity with the inner being of their neighbor, regardless of how he thinks or behaves. They are not moral cowards; they address the facts. Nor do they do battle, when it has to do with who is right. 

Original Christians leave to everyone their freedom of thought and action, but they also claim this freedom for themselves. They keep the commandment to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what is due to God. And so, they give "what belongs to Caesar," they pay taxes, etc. And because the Original Christians are people who keep the laws of Caesar, if necessary, they also go to Caesar in order to attain justice before the courts.

For the Original Christians of today, the Original Christian deed is the most essential basic principle of their thinking and living. They clarify, when it is about the abuse of the name of Jesus, the Christ, whom they follow. In their Christ-enterprises, they build on the statement, "Be faithful and practice integrity at all times" or "Do to others as you would have them do to you." Or, "Do not do to others what you do not want to have done to you."
Original Christians work and live together in community; these are comprised of singles, as well as intact partnerships and marriages. Original Christians in the Christ-enterprises work primarily towards building the land of peace and making amends to nature and the animals.

Original Christians pray to the Eternal One, to God, the Father of us all, and to Christ, the Redeemer of all souls and people, who dwells in every soul as the light, the power, the love and the life. They believe in the one Father of all people and beings, the eternal Father in the heavenly kingdom.

The Lord's Prayer is the word of the deed of Jesus, the Christ. It teaches us: "... who are in heaven." Original Christians sanctify the eternal Father in heaven. They sanctify His name by striving to recognize and do His will. The Lord's Prayer teaches them further: "Our kingdom come, and Your will is done."

"Our kingdom" means that all pure beings, all children of God - to which the innermost being of every person belongs - are, as children of the eternal Father, a part of the kingdom of God. When we human beings fulfil His will step by step, then we grow into the kingdom of God, and after our physical death, we will go back home, into the eternal homeland. Original Christians also pray that the Kingdom of God come and His Will is done.

In many revelations of God for our time, Jesus, the Christ, gave the following revelation, according to its meaning: People who take the Lord's Prayer seriously and strive toward unity with the innermost part of their fellow man, but also toward unity with the animals and with the whole Mother Earth, should begin with the step-by-step fulfilment of the Lord's Prayer, that was prayed over many hundreds of years and that is a prayer of the deed. Whoever lets the will of God become active, keeps peace and - thus spoke the Spirit of God in the prophetic word via Gabriele - will acquire a land on which peace will become visible and tangible: A kingdom of unity and of peace, of the Sermon on the Mount that is lived.

This has now happened and continues to take place. Original Christians, with the support of nature-loving people, have acquired a small, peaceful land and shaped and formed this with hard work. This small piece of land is growing and flourishing. The people on this land strive to think and live in a peaceful way in all respects. 

Meanwhile, many rescued animals are now living in peace and freedom on this small, peaceful land. Original Christians on this land of peace love not only the animals, whom they safeguard, preserving their lives, they also respect and cherish the plants, the bushes and trees. Yes, they have begun to love Mother Earth, which gives life to people. Because the Original Christians love the animals of the fields and woods, the animals on and in the earth, in the air and in the waters, they have planted and continue to plant on a barren land of steppes tree islands, bushes, trees and plants for the animal world. They do their best for a life in unity.

And so a small land of peace is growing, a small kingdom of love, of life and of unity. It is the small beginnings of a peaceful land, for as it is in heaven, it can also be on the Earth - still even in the three-dimensional world: peace.

The word "peace" reminds many a visitor to the peaceful land of Bethlehem. This is why many also call it, "New Bethlehem Land." And every visitor of sincere heart is welcome, to feel it himself: There is peace

Original Christians do not shut themselves off. What they have themselves positively learned and experienced, they bring to their fellow brothers and sisters in the world. Via countless radio and television channels, God's message, the divine word of revelation, the word of the Christ of God through Gabriele is spreading into the whole world. Spiritual schoolings and roundtable discussions deepen His teachings, give help and indications for their application in daily life. Ever more people, Original Christians all over the world, experience the living Christ in the very basis of their soul and pass on the message of God.

Original Christians set an example of love and of life:

Christ in us.

Christ is the love.
Christ is the life.

Christ is the unity, freedom and brotherliness.

Christ with us.
Christ through us into the new era.

Christ, the life on the small Kingdom of Peace.

Christ is the love, the life and the unity.

Original Christians love the life,
 Christ, in all people, animals,
plants and minerals.
Christ in, on and over the Earth.

Christ, the All-Law, the love and
the life! Original Christians for Christ!
 Original Christians in His Will! -
That is Original Christianity today.

Original Christians in His Spirit!


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