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The Lord's Prayer

Our Father
who are in heaven.
Hallowed is Your name!  
Our kingdom comes,
Your will is done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
You give us today our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses
and we forgive those who have trespass against us.
You lead us in time of temptation
and deliver us from all evil.
For ours is the kingdom
and the power and the glory
from eternity to eternity.

Why don’t the Original Christians say “Your kingdom comes” instead of “Our kingdom comes”? God, our heavenly Father, said about this in the prophetic word through Gabriele in 1986:

“Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory in all eternity. – So prays man. Why don’t you pray: Ours is the kingdom, the power and the glory in all eternity?
I Am your Lord and God, your Father.
Who are you? I pose this question to each and every one, and may each one answer this question for himself. ‘Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory in all eternity’ – sounds distant, far from you. You attribute the kingdom, the power and the glory to Me and feel yourselves to be far removed from the kingdom, which ultimately is also your kingdom – Our kingdom, because what I possess, you also possess. Why do you want to attribute it to Me? I have given you everything. You are sons and daughters of this kingdom, and all powers, all Being, which the kingdom possesses, is yours.
So pray: Ours is the kingdom and the power and the glory in all eternity.
With Me, there is no Amen.”

The basis of the Original Christian teaching is the Ten Commandments of God, the teachings of Jesus, the Christ, and the Lord’s Prayer. The Original Christian teaching is thus the glad tidings of the great teacher of freedom, of the Redeemer, Jesus, the Christ. Original Christians, whose religion is the Inner Religion, the religion of peace, strive to put this sovereign prayer of Jesus, the Christ, into practice.
The content of this wonderful prayer holds true not only for people, but also for nature and the animal world.

Through Gabriele people learn in detail what content hidden in the Lord’s Prayer. You will find several texts from Gabriele on the Lord’s Prayer in the following:

A “Meditative Contemplation of the Our Father” and a “Meditative Prayer to the Our Father.” You experience therein the Lord’s Prayer in a broad span from the All-power of God to the relationship to our fellowman.
(These texts are also available as CD from the publishing house Verlag DAS WORT.)

A Meditation to the Our Father, given by Gabriele, the prophetess and spiritual ambassador God, can be read here …
(This meditation is also available as a picture meditation on video, from the publishing house Verlag DAS WORT.)

In the framework of the event “Jesus Never Went to Church! Experience God Without Compulsion,” Gabriele explained to us again the deep significance of the Lord’s Prayer.

Christ, who taught us the Lord’s Prayer 2000 years ago as Jesus, explains and deepens today through the prophetic word in the divine work of revelation “This Is My Word. Alpha and Omega. The Gospel of Jesus. The Christ-revelation true Christians the world over have come to know” that it is decisive to actualize one’s prayers, above all the Lord’s Prayer. In this mighty work of revelation, Christ also gives us a look into the future, by revealing to mankind through Gabriele the words of prayer that the God-men in the developing Kingdom of Peace of Jesus Christ will pray and fulfill in their daily life. Read this text here …


A Meditative Contemplation of the Lord’s Prayer

Our Father, You are in heaven
You are the Being, the life in me.
I am the being, the life in You.
I am Your child, born of You.
You are the heaven, the All-power and the light.
I am the essence of heaven;
in me and through me streams the All-power, the Being, the light.

Hallowed is Your name
Hallowed is Your name, which is holy.
Your name is GOD and FATHER.
You are the only Holy One, the might and the power in all that is.
I am Your child, which you have sanctified through Your love.
You are the birthplace of my life.
Through you and in You, I am universe that has become form –
I am divine.

Our kingdom come; Your Will is done –
on earth as it is in heaven
The kingdom of the Eternal is the omnipresent kingdom in me.
The omnipresent kingdom is in me, in my neighbor and in all Being – because, the eternal home, is omnipresent.
I am an inhabitant of the eternal kingdom, because my true heritage is divine.
I am Being and immortal, because God is immortal, in whom I am as His child.
The Being is the kingdom within me.
Your kingdom is also my kingdom – it is our home.
The Will of the Eternal is His “Let there be.”
It is the Creator-power, the life and the freedom.
The Will of the Eternal streams through me and through you – through all Being.
In everything, He is pure, noble and good, the revelation and the Being.
He is the light and the power in me, in my brother and my sister.
In you and in me flow the powers of the universe.
They stream to the kingdoms of nature and of minerals.
Each blade of grass, every animal and every stone is a part of the All-power of God
and is a part of You, of me and of all forms of life.
The light of home is the Will of the Eternal.
Through the light, the Being was formed and is being formed.
I am the light of God.
Through His light, the “Let there be,” I came into being; therefore, I am the being in the Being eternally.

You give us today our daily bread
The daily bread is the life; it is You, my God, in me.
You give me the nourishment for my soul – and the food for my body.
My soul thirsts for the manna of the heavens and for freedom and purity.
Only You, my Lord and God, can nourish and quench the thirst of my soul,
for my eternal body is of You, because You are the life and the fullness.
You are kindness and love.
You also nourish my earthly body; it receives the bread of the earth.
You are the Giver – I, Your child, may receive.
Neither my soul nor my body will suffer need, for I live in You, in Your light and in your power,
through the fulfillment of the commandments.
He who devotes himself to You, receives –
and he who is able to receive from You will not suffer need.
He to whom it can be given, because he has opened himself for you, is fulfilled,
for he is filled with the gifts of heaven.

You forgive us our trespasses,
and we forgive those who have trespassed against us
I repent of the wrongdoings, which you, O eternal One, let me become aware of,
because through recognition I receive insight into my thinking and into my soul.
Through Your light in me, I know myself, for You fill me with light, power and wisdom.
Through Your light in me, I feel Your help and Your closeness.
Deep remorse fills my heart.
I repent of and clear up my incorrect behavior (wrongdoings) and will not sin again.
My soul fills with light and power, only with You, O eternal One, for You have erased my guilt and I am now united with the one who was once indebted to me and to whom I was indebted.
You guide me, no matter where I stand and go.
You are within me the admonisher, the admonishment and the conscience.
You are with me and also with my neighbor. (You accompany??)
Again and again, You reconcile us to each other, and one day You will reconcile us in you.
You guide the tempter and the tempted one together and unite them in You as Your children.
Thus, You deliver us from evil.

You lead us in time of temptation
and deliver us from evil
For ours is the kingdom, and the power and the glory – from eternity to eternity.
You, O eternal One, are eternally.
You are yesterday, today and tomorrow – in the present.
You are the inner kingdom and the power.
In You, I am eternally, for You are eternity.
In You, I am present, for You are the present.
You are the glorious One and the glory.
In You, I am divine, in Your glory –
from eternity to eternity.

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Meditation to the Lord’s Prayer

Our Father, who are in heaven
You, eternal One, are my Father and the Father of all your children, of my brothers and sisters.
You are in heaven – yet Your Spirit is in me and in all my brothers and sisters.
Eternal Father, my soul belongs to You. It longs for Your love.
Deep in my soul, You have taken up dwelling.
Deep in my soul, are peace, harmony and stillness.
I turn to within, to You, my Father, who is also Mother to me.
I feel to within myself. I affirm the stillness in me.
I watch my breath, which contains Your breath. It goes quietly and deeply.
I am breathing your breath. Peace and harmony enter into me.

Hallowed is Your name
My soul is breathing Your holiness, the purest fragrance of the heavens – You.
Immersed into the true Being, I am breathing the breath, the life – You.
I breathe in and out and recognize in me the rhythm of the universe, which You are.
I breathe the rhythmic, powerful life. I breathe the hallowed Being, which is Your impersonal name: Being.
Your name is holy Being and is honored and respected by the pure ones and by those people who do Your Will.
In heaven and on earth, Your name is praised by those who live in You, for they fulfill what You are:
holy, holy, holy.
Through this, they are the sanctified ones.
I breathe the fragrance of inner life, the Kingdom of God.
I breathe and let it stream through me.
I offer my hand to my brother and my sister.
We are united in You, the All-One, who is the streaming universe, the breath, the Being.

Those who fulfill your Will pray:

Our kingdom comes; Your Will is done –
on earth as it is in heaven.
You, O eternal One, are heaven.
The essence and the power of heaven is in me, in my neighbor, in every human being,
in every creature – in all Being is the essence of infinity, GOD.
Your love unites all people who are of good will.
And so, it will be on earth as it is in heaven: peace, harmony and love.
Heaven is in me – heaven is in my neighbor.
In all Being is the essence and the power of heaven.
We are all secure in God, for God is the life that is present.
Wherever I look – God is present.
God surrounds me in nature. God surrounds me among people.
God surrounds me day and night.
Wherever I go – God surrounds me. Wherever I look – everywhere is God.
Whatever I hear – God is in the depth. God is in the day and in the night.
God is my caring Father, who cares for me, who accompanies and guides me.
God, my kind life, nourishes me, for God gives me my daily bread.

You give us today our daily bread
Your Spirit, eternal Father, radiates and gives.
You nourish my soul, for it has been received into Your holy light.
Father, I, too, the human being, long for Your love.
You do not make me wait for You.
You still the longing of Your child.
My soul receives the bread of life – my body, the earthly bread.
You nourish soul and body. You nourish my brother and sister.
You let no child suffer need – for You love us.
When we fulfill your eternally holy law of love, heaven is alive within us
and our soul and our body receive the bread of life, which You are.

You forgive us our trespasses
and we forgive those who trespass against us.
I am in you, my God and Father, for I am Your child.
You show me all my faults and weaknesses, so that I will clear and no longer do them.
My soul moves in you; in you my person feels remorse –
for the longing for purity grows through your radiant omnipresent love.
What I recognize to be incorrect behavior I repent of with an honest heart.
I ask my brother and my sister for forgiveness and I also forgive.
I will no longer do the faults, which I have recognized.
And so, You, O eternal One, take away what my soul has carried
Light and power enter my soul and my body. I consciously breathe the breath of life.
The rhythmic Being is breathing through me, the All-power and the universe.
Through me are shimmering hope, confidence, faith and trust.
Father, I entrust myself to You totally.

You lead us in time of temptation
and deliver us from evil
Wherever I go, day and night, You surround me. You embrace me with Your light.
You envelop me and guide me. Even in time of temptation, I am guided by You.
You admonish and remind me. You are the conscience in me.
You are in the temptation and You enlighten the tempter and the one who is tempted,
so that they will recognize their thoughts and deeds in time and will let go of the evil.
You deliver us from evil and guide us to the good, which You are.

For ours is the kingdom,
the power and the glory –
from eternity to eternity
I am a child of the inner kingdom. I am powerful, filled with light and selfless love.
In me lives the glorious One – God.
Through me shines the glory – God.
I am in God the eternal Being –
from eternity to eternity.

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Meditative Prayer to the Lord’s Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven
He, the mighty Spirit, the Creator of all Being, He, the firmament, the colors and the form; He, the light, the power and the substance in us! Father, You have created for us all that is beautiful, pure and noble. Your light shines on us; we feel Your love in our hearts. We open ourselves. Infinite light, infinite fullness, Father, this You are. Kind, All-One, You love us. You adorn nature; You are the growth and ripeness. You are the life in every flower, in all Being.

Hallowed is Your name
Yes, Father when we make Your name holy – holy in our thoughts, holy in every look – then we behold Your presence, the presence in the flower, in the seed, in the animal. You are the life in all forms; You are the strength in the bird; You are the movement – it flies.
You are the beginning of all Being. You are the end of matter and the beginning for us in the eternal life. You are the Alpha and Omega; You are the great All-One. Your stream flows unceasingly, the omnipresent love, that permeates all spheres; it permeates the purification planes, the matter. It is present in every sign, in every person, in every word, in every gesture. You are. Hallowed is Your name, O eternal, kind One.

Our kingdom comes
It comes to us in manifold ways and means. The Kingdom of God lives in the midst of us. Do we feel it? Do we feel it in the little kitten? Do we feel it in the horses? Do we experience it when we walk on the grass? And do we feel our brother, our sister, in us? When we feel all this, we feel God in us and we behold the infinite life, His power. God, the fullness, gives us inner and outer beauty. We should not be in need. We may receive, just as we give selflessly. Just as we give selflessly, so may we receive, for we are children of God. Our inner being is rich. When we have developed the inner wealth, our external life will be one worthy of a child of God: noble, gentle, humble, free, imbued by the love of the Father; and we will dwell and live in a way that fits our consciousness, which is close to the Father, to the beauty of the heaven. For as is in heaven, so shall it be on earth among the children of God, who love the eternal Father selflessly. And the kingdom will come, the Kingdom of God on earth, just as has been promised. People will love each other selflessly, and the angels of God will be among them. And they will adore, praise and glorify the Eternal in all things, because they love, respect and cherish one another.

Your Will is done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Yes, dear brothers and sisters, when His will is done, then the earth gives of itself, because the people are with God and thus, with the earth, as well. The earth gives itself in fullness to those people who have opened up the inner fullness, who strive to fulfill the will of God. They think and work as God wills it. They strive to live with each other, to be there for their neighbor, to respect him and cherish him. Lord, You are the life in our children, who are Your children, for in the stream of the All, You are the Father-Mother-God, who envelops us, who loves us, who guides us. And so, the will of God shall and will be done also in our young ones, for the Kingdom of God is emerging.

You give us this day our daily bread
The one who lives in God does not have to live in want. The one who raises his feelings and thoughts to God will receive from God, and what he needs is there for him and beyond that.
For children of God will never go hungry, because they have opened the fullness in themselves – manifold, yes, countless life. We work together – for our neighbor. We help each other; we stand by our neighbor. And so, the life awakens, and our daily bread is given us, just as it has been promised.
The word of God in the books and cassettes – are impulses for our inner life. Let us not just look into them, let us feel deep into the words, and we will sense the content of the words and not just read the word itself. The Spirit of our Father meets us in manifold ways and means. He is everywhere, in every letter, because there is nothing which does not come from Him, nothing which is not carried by Him. The Spirit – God is also in our human ways. When we surrender our humanness to Him, then He radiates; He helps us and transforms the negativity, and the negative becomes radiating, positive energy. The books and cassettes, which are guides, help us in this. But we ourselves have to strive to draw closer to Him.

You forgive us our trespasses
and we forgive those who trespass against us.
As long as we are divisive, we will also build fences. When this divisiveness falls away from us, then our soul will blossom like the most beautiful meadow – full of diversity, all-encompassing. As long as we are not with our neighbor, we are against him and we destroy. We tear down what our neighbor has built up. We intrude in the life of our neighbor, because we do not have ourselves in hand. When we have torn down all our human aspects, then we respect and cherish our neighbor and his property and goods, which are then also the property and goods of God.
As long as we live behind the bars of our human ego, we do not see our neighbor. But God, the love, offers us our bread. God, the love, gives us our drink. He calls us to our meal. And when we ea consciously, when in full awareness, we absorb the essence, God, the life, into us, and when our soul begins to shine, because it lives solely from the power of God.

You lead us in time of temptation
The tempter is always underway, and as long as we have desires in relation to this world, pressing wishes, he will always tempt us through our desires. He tempts us in manifold ways. He steals into our inner being by way of our sensations and thoughts. When we are alert, when we live consciously, then we will recognize him. We recognize him because he tempts us to see the world as the most important, when he tempts us with external things, when he wants to lead us astray with external things, the conscious person feels this and says no to the tempter. However, he knows the correspondences that are still there, the sinful, and surrenders it to the eternal Father, in Christ.
The light becomes stronger in the soul; the person shines more intensely – and the tempter withdraws more and more, because he avoids the light.

and deliver us from evil
He redeems us and guides us into the inner life. He lets us feel the inner life in the external world, too,, in nature, everywhere that we go on our way – a little pebble pushes through our shoe; it wants to tell us: “I am also a part of you.” A beetle is moving along the path. We see it; it wants to tell us: “I, too, am a part of you, a creature of God.” We walk on the meadow. The grass bears us and speaks to us: “I am here for you and carry you.”
When we live consciously and when see our brother in the light of God, then we walk with him in the light and we feel the power of the All in us, the love and wisdom in us and through us. We then feel the heart of the Father beating in us, because we have found our way to His heart.

For ours is the kingdom, the power and the glory –
from eternity to eternity
“For ours is the kingdom,” dear brothers and sisters, “and the power and the glory, from eternity to eternity.” We are immortal beings. In each of us is a spirit body; we call it the soul. After the death of our body, our soul goes back to the cosmic Being. Where? We determine this ourselves. Or are we attracted to the earth again, because we are still close to the earth with our sensations and thoughts? Or do we go heavenward, because we have opened the Kingdom of God in us for the most part? Then no sun is strange to us, no planet, because all things, everything that exists, speak the language of love. And we, who have become pure for the most part, have become the language of love, the law of the All. We sense the celestial music of the All, because we are again conscious children of the All. We have opened the seven basic powers in us, the law of the All, and can move in all of infinity, because we have brought everything into positive, harmonious movement, the essence of life, the forces of the All.

Ours is the eternal kingdom. Ours is the eternal life. We are children of the eternal Father. We are beings of the All. Often we gaze longingly to the stars. Let us close our eyes and take the essence of the stars into us, and the All-power then speaks to us:
Child, do not look into the distance; look into your inner being. For what you think you see in the distance is as essence and power in you – I, the life. You are My child; I Am your Father and Mother; I Am God. You are in Me, and I Am in you. You are immortal. Become aware of this. Whatever your eye falls upon, affirm Me in everything. Love your neighbor selflessly and you will encounter Me in your brother and in your sister.

Let us live consciously, dear brothers and sisters, and the eternal Father will come ever closer to us, His children. The love of the child for the Father is the most beautiful communication. How light the soul of the person becomes when the base, the human, thoughts withdraw, when they are transformed into positive power through the strength of Christ. The person becomes so very buoyant, happy and serene from within, when he lets go of all that is deceptive, when he turns to virtue and love.

Peace and joy draw into him, when the peace dwells consciously in the soul. Joy vivifies the soul and the person, when the person entrusts himself to God in everything that he thinks and does. Hope, strength and love are in us – also in illness and need.

Let us go to Him; He is close to us. Let us go to Him – He stands by us in Christ. Let us go to Him in every situation. Let us bring everything to Him in Christ, all that makes us human, what leads us into lethargy, into laziness, into aggression. Let us carry it to Him – and we will awaken in Him. We are light, buoyant, peaceful. Our being is selfless love, the law. This is our goal! This is why we are human beings, in order to develop what in the end, is so close to us: the infinity in each one of us, in each soul and thus, in each person – God, the life, the love of our Father.

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“Jesus Never Went to Church! Experience God Without Compulsion!”

From the gathering on May 6, 2005

Dear brothers, dear sisters in Christ, to the great All-One, whose children we are, we say plainly and simply “Father – our Father.”
Our Father is the Father in heaven, whose Spirit, whose wonderful Spirit, is in us.
We have His law of infinite love, of infinite peace, of unity. In the “Our Father,” we sense His greatness and His closeness.

Let us go into our inner being together. Let us draw our senses to the fourth consciousness center that is near to our heart, where the infinite power of love and mercy pulsates. Let us feel and think into our inner being. May we let the words of the Lord’s Prayer reverberate in us – and we will notice how close the Spirit is to us. We sense that we are children of the Father, the eternal Father. And in this wonderful prayer, which Jesus, the Christ, taught us, the “Our Father,” we may sense our Father, His Spirit, in us.

So let us turn to the spiritual fourth center, in the vicinity of our heart.
Let us keep to the inner light, which wants to be a beacon for us on the path to the eternal Father-house, to our eternal homeland. Let us sense and feel into ourselves.

Our Father, who are in heaven
Our Father, who are in heaven.

Deep in our soul shines the Kingdom of God, heaven, our eternal homeland.
From the eternal homeland, streams the Spirit of the Father, which is in us, in each one of us.
The Spirit of our Father.
Our Father, who are in heaven.

Hallowed is Your name
Hallowed is Your name.
When we fulfill the commandments of God and the teachings of Jesus, the Christ, step by step, then we make His name holy – hallowed is Your name.

Our kingdom comes. Your will is done.
His will is the great love, which we should bring toward Him, our Father, toward our brother and Redeemer, Christ, toward our neighbor, the animal, the plant, the stone, the Mother Earth.
Then the kingdom, our homeland, will come to us, because we do His will.
Our kingdom comes. Your will is done.

Your Will is done, on earth as it is in heaven.
On earth as it is in heaven, in us and through us.
May we let the prayer words reverberate in us.

Our Father, who are in heaven.
Hallowed is Your name.
Our kingdom comes.
Your will is done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Let us briefly, very briefly, remain in our heart.
Let us feel within, and in the center of love and mercy, we feel the spiritual flame,
which envelops us, which warms us, which protects us.

You give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.
You lead us in time of temptation and deliver us from evil.
Words of prayer, which are life.
Words of prayer, which bring trust:
He cares for us, for our daily bread.
He forgives us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.
He, the great Spirit of our Father, can do everything,
if we loyally devote/surrender ourselves to Him in unity, love and brotherliness.
Then there is no need, no suffering, no illness, no infirmity,
because the evil, which divides, is past.
For His kingdom, our homeland, will set the earth aglow and will shine throughout us.
His kingdom is our kingdom, and we pray:

For ours is the kingdom, the power and the glory –
from eternity to eternity.
May we let the words reverberate in us:
For ours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, from eternity to eternity.

Whom does the child of the heavens need? –
His Father, our Father, who is in heaven, whose Spirit is in us.
What happiness, what joy, what great hope and confidence for the person, for whom the “Our Father” becomes consciousness, who includes the “Our Father” in his thinking and earthly existence!
He begins to truly live. For the one who does what God wills lives.
And He, the Father, who loves us, envelops each sinner and says:

Come, I call you through My Son, your divine brother and Redeemer.
He reaches out His hand to you. Grasp it and go the path with Him to Me,
and do not forget anyone who stands next to you, who sits by the wayside.
Look into his heart, and take him with you in spirit.
Look at the Mother Earth, the planet Earth.
Do not forget it; take it into your heart – every little animal, every plant, every stone.
Then you will be happy. Then you will feel what you truly are:
a cosmic being in the light, in My light, in the light of the Father.

Dear brothers, dear sisters in Christ, let us ask Christ that He take our hand firmly, very firmly, and lead us to the Father. And let us not forget what is on the wayside: our neighbors, the plant, the animal and the stone – when we do not forget it, then the Mother Earth breathes a sigh of relief and says: O Creator mine.

You can find more information about this event here …


Excerpt from the divine work of revelation
“This Is My Word”

... Therefore, when you are gathered together you should pray in this manner:
6. Our Father, who are in heaven, hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us day by day our daily bread and the fruit of the living vine. And as You forgive us our sins, so may we also forgive the sins of others. Leave us not in temptation. Deliver us from evil. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory in all eternity. Amen. (Chap. 26:5-6)

Christ explains, corrects
and deepens the word:

The community prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, is prayed with different words and contents, because every community prays it according to the potential of love of the community.
As Jesus of Nazareth, I taught the community prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, in My mother tongue, that is, with other words, and thus with another content than was prayed in later times and in other languages.
The words as such are unessential. What is important is that the person actualize what he prays. Then every word that comes out of his mouth is inspired with love, power and wisdom.
You should not pray according to the letter nor strive to pray, word for word, the Lord’s Prayer, which I taught My own. What is essential is that you inspire the words of your prayers with the love for the Eternal and for your neighbor, and that the content of your prayers correspond to your life.
People who are filled by the eternal truth, the love and wisdom of God, will, in turn, pray in another way than those who pray only because it was thus taught to them or because they belong to a denomination where the prayers are spoken according to the consciousness of the denomination.
People who are on the path to their divine origin pray freely, that is, with self-chosen words that are inspired by love and power.
People who live in My Spirit, who are imbued with the love and wisdom of God, who thus actualize the laws of God in their daily life will, above all, thank God for their life and for everything. They will praise and glorify Him and devote their life more and more to Him – in sensations, thoughts, words and deeds – because they have become life of His life.
People in the spirit of the Lord live their prayer. This means that they fulfill the laws of the Eternal more and more, and have themselves become the prayer, which is an adoration of God.

Therefore, the one who fulfills the will of God lives in adoration of God more and more. Such people not only keep the laws of God, but they have become the law of love and wisdom, for the most part.
In the growing Kingdom of Peace of Jesus Christ that is unfolding, in which I Am the ruler and the life, the people will keep the law of God more and more. Many of them will have become the law – and thus, God-men who personify the life, God, in all that they think, speak and do. Their prayers are the life in Me, the fulfillment of the eternal law. With their life, which is the law of God, they give thanks to God for the life.

And so, gratitude to God is the life in God. Their life, which is a single act of giving thanks, streams into the Kingdom of Peace.
They pray according to the following words which they fulfill in daily life:

Our Father, Your Spirit is in us, and we are in Your Spirit.
Hallowed is Your eternal name in us and through us.
You are the Spirit of life; You are our Ur-Father.
We bear our eternal names from You.
You, eternal One, have given them to us
and have placed in our names the whole fullness of infinity.
Our names, which You have breathed into us, are the love and wisdom –
the fullness out of You, the law in us and through us.
Our eternal kingdom is the infinity –
the power and the glory, in and from You.
We are heirs to the eternal kingdom.
Therefore, we are the kingdom itself, the eternal homeland.
It is in us and is effective through us.
Your infinite, glorious will is in us and is effective through us.
The power of Your will is our strength of will.
It is effective in us and through us, for we are spirit of Your Spirit.
Heaven is not space and time –
heaven and earth are one, because we are united in You.
The love and power in us and through us is our daily bread.
You, O eternal, glorious Father, have brought forth in us all that vibrates in infinity.
Through us, You create in heaven and on earth.
We are in You, and You prevail in us and through us.
We are filled in Your Spirit, for we are spirit of Your Spirit.
In You we are rich, for we live our heritage, infinity out of You.
Our eternal heritage, spirit of Your Spirit, brings forth all that we need
as human beings in the Kingdom of Peace.
We live in You and from You.
Life streams and gives itself.
We live in the fullness of God, because we are ourselves the fullness.
The earth is the heaven and the Kingdom of Peace is the richness of the earth,
In which we live and are – spirit of Your Spirit.
We live in the inner kingdom – and yet are human beings
who personify externally that which radiates in the inner being.
Praised is the name of the Lord, He is the life in and through us.
The name of God is the law of love and of freedom that is lived.
Sin is transformed – The light is come.
We live from His light and live in and from His Spirit,
for we are spirit of His Spirit.
In God everything has been cleared.
His name has made everything pure.
The glory of God be praised!
God’s will, love and wisdom permeate the earth and the land.
We are ourselves earth and land – will, love and wisdom.
In us is the kindness of God – the good from God.
We are in God and act from God.
The earth is the Lord’s – it is the kingdom of love.
It is effective in us and through us.
The life, the glory of the Father, is effective in us and through us –
from eternity to eternity.

In its essence, this glorification is the life of those who live in the Kingdom of Peace of Jesus Christ. They live in Me, the Christ, and I live through them; and together we live in the Father-Mother-God, and the Father lives through us from eternity to eternity.

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