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The Message of Truth

The Suffering of Animals Is the Grave of Mankind

“Animals are human beings, too,” this was recently the main headline of the well-known German newspaper, DIE ZEIT. In a plea for vegetarianism, the editor, Iris Radisch, went out on a limb with a revolutionary question: “May we kill animals, at all?” The lead picture already gave the answer: “Put an end to this!” was written on two bloody steaks.

God in Us

From Gabriele
What I want is to make a case for God, not for myself, not for a traditional community, but solely for God. I want to give my fellowman an understanding of God. I have found God, the life, deep in my soul and I know that He loves all of us. As our eternal Father, He beheld us in His heart and created us.

Life's Gift of Grace

The belief in the rebirth of a soul is as old as mankind. The law of cause and effect and the idea that a human being can incarnate several times are totally normal to more than 50% of all people. These concepts can be found in all cultures – by no means in the East alone, for example, in Buddhism or in Hinduism, as many people think.

Help for the Sick and Suffering

In each person is the Spirit of God, the source of power of light and salvation. God can do everything in us, when we open ourselves to the source of power, GOD.
GOD is the unchangeable love, strength, harmony and healing. No matter how things are in this world and how we human beings behave toward the energy field, GOD—God is eternally the same.

You Live Eternally - There Is No Death

Death is the night for the soul. In the face of eternal life, dying is the soul of the eternal day.
So the question arises, why do so many people fear so-called death? Why the horro, the fear, the suppression, of what happens to every person as a matter of course?

Your Are Not Alone

The Power, the love and wisdom of God is the great and mighty All-magnet that wants to draw each one of us to itself. Whenever we allow Him, He will take up a stronger communication with our inner heart, where the primordial power potential of our eternal being is waiting for its liberation. We fell this as an inkling, a longing, an intensified radiation that raises and fulfills us.

Pearls of Life for You

Where there is no love or only little love,nothing can grow.
Nothing can flurish.
There may be a brief flicker,
which then dies down.

Love is the fuel for our live
and for what we do.

A Fulfilled Life Into Old Age

A person grows older- however, to be old is to be imprinted by a wrong way of thinking and acting.
To accept your age means not to become aged. This aging begins with many complaints about the difficulties of life on Earth.

To be young, is not merely a phase in the life cycle of a person; instead, it is the inner attitude that is not tied to either time or a certain age.

Comfort in Need and Suffering

Words of the heavenly Father to His human children and words of Christ

My sons and daughters! If you continuously raise your consciousness to Me, the All-Spirit, then the still existng shadows, which cloud your mind and often place you helplessly at the mercy of the darkness, will recede.

The Sermon on the Mount
the Path to a Fulfilled Life

Christ Speaks: The Sermon on the Mount is the Inner Path to the heart of God, which leads to perfection.
"Blessed are the meek, for they will possess the earth." Meekness, humility, love and kindness go hand in hand. The one who has become selfless love is also meek, humble and kind. He is filled with wisdom and strength.

The Ten Commandments of God
A Guide inot a Higher Life

"I Am the Lord, your God. You shall have no other gods before Me."
Everything that is not in accordance with the divine law, with the eternal word of God, is "other gods," that is, idols. Our exaggerated wishes, passions and cravings are a part f this, everything that people strive for beyond a reasonable limit.


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