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What is Universal Life?

Universal Life Means
Living in the Spirit of God – The Inner Religion.

At the same time, it is the name of a religious community that continues the tradition of Original Christianity, an inner Christianity, as taught by Jesus of Nazareth, without church dogmas and rites. God is the omnipresent, universal Spirit, whose mighty Creator-power is in all life forms. At the same time, God is our loving Father and Christ is the Redeemer of all of us. The guidelines for an Original Christian life are the Ten Commandments of God and the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus of Nazareth, which we – as opposed to the churches – do not consider utopian, but rather practical instructions on how we should lead our daily life. Thus, Original Christians worldwide strive to follow the teacher of wisdom, Jesus, the Christ. Already 2000 years ago, Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God is within, in us; for this reason Original Christians go into their inner being, to God. And so, every person is the temple of God; for every individual, God can be found to be very close, in oneself.

Mankind Is Living In a Great Turn of Time

The Original Christians in Universal Life are convinced that we are living in a great turn of time, in which God speaks again to mankind through the mouth of a prophet and the Spirit of the Christ of God renews and deepens the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth – according to His announcement: “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth …” (Jn. 16:12

God Spoke and Speaks to Mankind

The Spirit of God does not have the voice of man. For this reason, He took a human being whom He trained to be His prophetess, who can absorb the Spirit’s language of light and translate it into human words. Just as God spoke through the great prophets of the Old Testament and Jesus, the Christ, spoke through the great prophets of all time, so has the Spirit of truth been speaking for 30 years through Gabriele, the prophetess and spiritual ambassador of God for our time.

Universal Life Is a
Worldwide Community of Faith

So through Gabriele’s untiring work, within a short time, the work of Jesus, the Christ, has grown into a worldwide work of love for God and neighbor, a charismatic symbol of value, Universal Life. Today, Universal Life is a worldwide community of faith with Original Christian groups all over the earth; through these groups God-seeking people come to know the word of God by way of events, in books, cassettes, CDs and videos, as well as via radio and television.

The Prophecy of God for Our Time

The prophecy of God for the present time consists of statements about the development of the world and the future of mankind. It teaches the path of the Sermon on the Mount, the Inner Path to God, on which every person can recognize himself during the course of his daily dealings with his fellow humans and can overcome his faults. It is the Sermon on the Mount that is lived, through which the person strives to become one again with God. From the divine revelations through Gabriele, we learn that the soul existed already before being born into a human being and has incarnated on the earth several times in order to purify itself. The earthly existence is determined by the law of sowing and reaping, which Jesus of Nazareth also taught, and which says that everything that we do to our fellow humans, animals and plants will come back to us – through misfortune, illness and hardship, unless we clear up the sinful causes of these effects, by recognizing our wrongdoings, repenting of them, asking for forgiveness, forgiving others and no longer committing the old sins.



Much of this still exists in the traditional Bible, while over the course of the past 2000 years – in part through oversight, in part through deliberate falsification – much has become lost and suppressed or withheld by way of church dogmas. Through the prophetic word, the Spirit of the Christ of God has corrected these falsifications and omissions. He points out that the Roman Church, with its dogmas, rites and hierarchies, has nothing to do with the teachings of the Nazarene. And the image of God as perceived by Catholic and Protestant theologians is also corrected. Their teachings of eternal damnation or predestination are pagan characteristics of a wrathful God and have nothing to do with the loving Father-God, of whom Jesus of Nazareth spoke.

Through the deed of redemption, this God gave all of His children the strength to return to their eternal homeland, which they left during the course of the event of the Fall. Originally, pure beings wanted to be like God and thus distanced themselves from the primordial source of all Being, which led to the emergence of the material world. In order to stop this development, the first-beheld Son of God, Christ, incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth. He did not come to die as a “sacrificial lamb” to “appease God,” but through His example and His teachings to move people to turn back and change their ways and to establish His Kingdom of Peace. When the people rejected Him, He went to His death, and from Golgotha, gave to all men and souls the Redeemer-power, which enables them to follow Him and to liberate themselves from their sinfulness.


The Spiritual Return of the Christ of God

In the divine Messages from the All through Gabriele, Christ announces His spiritual return. The materialistic world (not the earth) is approaching its end, which will be connected with great disasters, as already predicted by Jesus of Nazareth. During this time, in which hardship, misery, terrorism, fear and hopelessness prevail, the Spirit of the Christ of God is calling to every person. “Save yourself, whoever wants to be saved, before this world passes away!” God reaches out to us mightily and is now offering us yet another direct path of schooling: Thus, each individual can use this great chance and, by purposefully addressing the primordial light in himself and through the consistent application of the divine laws in his daily life, can still take several steps, in order to gain spiritual growth and maturity, by recognizing and discarding his own faults and weaknesses and making peace with his fellow humans, with nature and the animals.


God Wants His Kingdom to Come to This earth

For 2000 years, Christians have been praying in the Lord’s Prayer: “Your kingdom come!” Original Christians, whose religion is the inner religion, which proclaims peace, strive to put into practice this majestic prayer of Jesus, the Christ. The content of this wonderful prayer applies not only to people, but also to nature and the animal world. In the Kingdom of God, which people are praying down to earth through the Lord’s Prayer, unity prevails between man, nature and the animals. Further, it says in the Lord’s Prayer: “Your will be done!” God wants His will to be done and His kingdom comes to the earth! For this reason – through the prophetic word – the land of peace is developing today, the foundation for the Kingdom of Peace of Jesus Christ. New Jerusalem Broadcasting for the Kingdom of Peace of Jesus Christ reports about this.


Original Christians Rehabilitate Jesus, the Christ

Original Christians are peace-loving people who strive daily to keep peace and make peace, including the peace with animals and all of nature. But they do not remain silent where their teacher, leader and trailblazer to the Father-house is concerned, Jesus, the Christ, who taught and gave us an understanding of the Father of love and peace. They clarify when fraudulent labeling is practiced using the name of Christ. Because Original Christians do not remain silent regarding such things and expose the machinations that the Holy See and its Protestant-Lutheran appendage want to keep covered up through the name “Jesus” or “Christ” under the sign of the crucified one, they are discriminated against, slandered and ostracized by church functionaries and their accomplices in the media. You can read more about this under the heading “Original Christians and the Mainstream Churches."


Few courts in Germany are in a position to make a bias-free decision regarding the protection of religious minorities against defamation by churches. You can read here about several court rulings concerning the community of faith Universal Life.


The Path of the Prophetess and Her Worldwide Message

Universal Life is now a worldwide work, which was able to develop solely through the fact that Gabriele walked the path of every true prophet, which brought with it persecution, suffering and ostracism. The statement of Jesus of Nazareth: “If they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you” has become true with Gabriele. But ever more people are recognizing that the Spirit of God speaks through her and what a mighty message resounds through her – as, for example, in two great Christ-revelations:

“I Am Christ, the Son of the living God. My holy word, the word of the heavens, rings out through the mouth of a prophet. I, Christ, Am no longer in an earthly garment, that is, no longer in the flesh. That is why I no longer speak in the voice of human beings, I no longer have their language. Therefore, I have taken a human being and prepared her for My word of light so that this person could hear My voice and pass it on to you in the mother language of the instrument.” (From the series Divine Prophetic Healing, on Feb. 6, 1994)

“Oh recognize and grasp this in your hearts. I do not guide you to any person. I also do not guide you to My instrument, to My prophetess. I lead you into your inner being, to Me, the Christ of God, to the core of your soul, to the life which I Am.” (From the series Divine Prophetic Healing, on Aug. 13, 1995)


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