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Let Us Live!

Animals Are Asking:
Let Us Live!

Every cow discharges up to 250 liters of methane per day. This results in 300 billion liters of greenhouse emissions daily. Millions of sheep and goats increase the global methane emissions to circa 150 trillion liters annually. Whether we want to continue to have our daily steak on our plates and 1.5 billion cows on this planet is a decisive question for our future. If the climate change can be slowed down at all, all primary causes must be included.                                                    Mehr lesen

»Look Me in the Eyes!
Please, Please, do not eat me!«

This animation demonstrates the results of meat consumption. Then every vegetarian gives life to an average of 450 animals! Start Animation...

Don't Eat Meat! Why?

On this earth live twice as many animals for slaughter as people! Every year 45 billion animals are killed worldwide for human consumption. There is no intelligent reason for this! Because:
Eating meat is cruel! Eating meat makes you sick!
Eating meat causes global misery!

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Stop Animal Testing! Why?

Approximately 11 million animals are still tortured annually in Europe for experimental purposes. In the past four years, the number of animal experiments in Europe has increased about 12 percent, even though there is no rational reason for animal testing!

What do great minds say

What do great minds say
...about the animals?
...about eating pieces of animal carcass?
...about hunting?
...about animal experiments?

The Hidden Love of Jesus for Animals

Ancient scriptures have shown:
Jesus and the Early Christians were vegetarian.
"The consumption of animal flesh was unknown up until the great flood. But since the great flood, we have had the fibers and the stinking fluids of animal flesh stuffed into our mouths...
Jesus, the Christ, who appeared when the time was fulfilled, again joined the end to the beginning, so that we are now no longer allowed to eat animal flesh."
Hieronymus (331-420) (Adversus Jovinanum 1:30)

The Gabriele Foundation

Universal Life is associated with the Gabriele Foundation, which creates habitats for animals

A Heartfelt Request
for the Animals

Dear fellow people,
I am turning to you, who are on all continents of this earth, with a heartfelt request...

Please help through a gift of charitable love for the animals who are dependent on your help. Particularly they are asking through me: “Help us acquire the Bethlehem Woods, the woods of peace, a quiet resting place for us, for the tortured, tormented and homeless creatures of God. For in the great God-given unity, we animals are, in the final analysis, your little brothers and sisters!”

A Voice for the Animals

“Please, please, you people, give us animals a voice. Don’t eat u! Feel with us! Sense with us! Then you will begin to love us, and then there will be peace in the woods and on the fields and in the barns, in the waters, in the air and in the experimental laboratories. Then Bethlehem will have entered into the hearts of people.”

The Prophetic Voice for the Animals

The animals are suffering unspeakably: in the slaughterhouses, in the experimental laboratories and due to hunting – they are killed by the millions so people can eat meat. “Help us, so that we also get a roof over our heads, like you have. Feel into your hearts, you people! Feel that we are your little animal brothers and sisters! ... Please, please help, so that people who love us can build shelters and give us food!”

We are working with the Gabriele-Foundation,
to find living room for the animals.
Even 1.00 Euro Helps!


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