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Books to Download

God has spoken to His human children through prophets at all times, but never before were there so many possibilities to record His word and pass it on to people in written and audio forms.


Spiritual books to learn from and attain high ehtical, moral values are available from the Editorial House THE WORD, THE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT. Click here to receive a free copy of our latest catalogue of books, CDs, and DVDs.


The high spiritual wealth that the Spirit of God pours into the world through His prophetess for the present time, Gabriele, should be available to all seeking people. For this reason, there is the possibility below to download two large divine works of revelation


Books to download and read free of charge

To choose a book, please click on the corresponding blue point  in the following overview.

Buchtitel Englisch Deutsch Dateigröße
"This Is My Word"

515 kB

"The Great Cosmic Teachings of Jesus of Narzarth to His Apostles and Disciples Who Could Understand Them" 63 kB

You can find other books and excerpts to read at
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Technical tips for downloading the books

The book texts are saved as compressed ZIP files. These files must first be decompressed. (For example, with the Program WinZip or plunzip). You can then read and/or print out the books on your browser, for example, Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Double click in the file manager on HTML-file.

  • The book "This is My Word" may take your browser several minutes to scan in. (The book has over a 1000 pages)
  • Further languages or books are available on request.
  • ...or go directly to our FTP-Server under



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