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The persecution of a minority - persecuted for reasons of its faith.

The history of the persecution of religious minorities
The persecution of the Original Christians in Universal Life today.


 In a series of programs, the Original Christians in Universal Life will report about a great event which, beside the events on the world stage, is quietly unfolding and expanding.
This great vision, the vision of the Kingdom of Peace, of the unity of human being, nature and animals, was given almost 3000 years. The time has now come. The Kingdom of Peace is emerging. The New Jerusalem is the Kingdom of Peace of Jesus Christ, for which coming Christians have been praying for 2000 years in the Lord's Prayer: Your kingdom come! Your will be done!
God wants His will to be done and His kingdom to come to this earth! This is why today, through the spiritual prophetic word, emerges the peaceable land, the foundation for the Kingdom of Peace of Jesus Christ. We report about this in the programs produced by New Jerusalem Broadcasting.

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The goal of the Gabriele Foundation is to create a living space for animals where they can lead a life that is worthy of free creatures of God. They should be able to move freely and in peace, as is due to their species, without fear of being tortured and tormented; and in a growing positive connection to human beings who go toward them with help and care, showing them respect, esteem and friendship in their feelings, thoughts and in selfless deeds. 
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The Worldwide Center for Prayer and Healing of Jesus, the Christ, was called into being through Gabriele, the prophetess and ambassador of God for our time, in 1998, thus fulfilling the wish of the Eternal that Original Christian Healing be practiced anew. 
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Spiritual books for learning, in order to gain ethical-moral values.
On themes such as healing, prophecy, life and death, contemplation, the way of the Sermon on the Mount, conscious living, children and music. In many languages, available not only in book form, but also as audio books.
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Radio Santec broadcasts radio programs with a spiritual content – the spiritual revolution that originated via God’s prophetic word for our time and has meanwhile reached millions of listeners worldwide. Revelations of the Spirit of the Christ of God, topics like healing by faith, the Inner Path, Spiritual Help for the Day have been translated into many languages and are broadcast regularly. A current program and a large, multi-language Radio Archive can be found under


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