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The Work of God or a Mediumistic Circle

It is clearly apparent that we are living at a turning point in time.
Is it the turn of time that Isaiah, Jesus of Nazareth and John of Patmos spoke of? The divine prophecy of the present time builds on this and leads us into a new dimension of the history of the salvation of mankind.

The one who has ears to hear can be witness to an occurrence that is one of the greatest events in the history of the world – that God speaks to the people once again through the mouth of a prophet.

When this was heard this for the first time, many a one asked himself: How can this be? Is it really God speaking here – through a woman? Has a divine work truly emerged here? Or is it merely a mediumistic circle, in whose midst a gifted charismatic passes on announcements from the beyond – possibly in a state of trance or in exalted outbursts?


It is well-known that there are many speaking mediums: They are like newspapers that pass on all sorts of things, which they partially call up from their own memory, or less often pass on something they have received. All this has nothing to do with prophecy, when the world of our senses or daily events call up what is stored in our brain – for we are all more or less mediumistic and pass on what is stored in the medium of our ego, as memories and burdens, as knowledge, but hardly as wisdom. This also holds true for the communication of a medium with the worlds of the beyond and the dead. This kind of communication is an exchange of spiritual energy fields, which takes place at the level of the medium, a human, and often all-too-human, level, an exchange that can lead to dangerous and burdening entanglements.

The calling of a new prophet

In contrast to a medium, a prophet who is worthy of the name does not speak from the fog of his human brain or from the wafts of mist that blow in from astral regions. The brain of a prophet is permeable to the divine. The past is a memory, but not a burden. However, this is possible only when we have cleared up with the Spirit what we have stored in ourselves. Then the atomic structure of the cells aligns with the divine core of being in the soul, through which can then be spoken. It is not just any kind of energy flow, but it is the divine stream that then flows; the hindrances have been overcome – like loose stones in a brook. The brain receives the wisdom and transmits the will of God.

What is given here did not originate from books (or from a mediumistic head), but was told to us by someone who has physically felt the divine stream of light in herself for over 25 years, our sister Gabriele. She did not force this experience. On the contrary: She was frightened the first time and wanted to stop the inner flow that makes possible for her the communication with the spiritual-divine world. It was no different for her than for all true prophets. As one can still deduce from many a biblical passage, prophets are sometimes overcome with panic when they first become aware of their fate as a prophet. Gabriele reported how her initial fear was taken from her, when the stream of light in her inner being became the words: “Do not be afraid; I will go with you throughout your whole life on earth. You will always be under My care, for you went out to absorb My word and pass it on to the world.”

However, this wasn’t so reassuring, considering the tremendous mission that was announced there, and so Gabriele responded, as she reported in the following way: “Why me of all people, how should I manage this? I am a mere grain of sand ...” But the training of the prophet had already begun: The increasing sensitization of the consciousness; the instructions by spirit beings for specifically shaping her life and receiving the word of God; the first public appearances, which demanded a boundless trust in God that the stream of light, which she should translate into the words of her mother tongue, would not run dry; the first reactions of those around her – skepticism, yes, even rejection. The fate of the prophet took its course.

Walter Nigg, one of the best authorities concerning the historical fate of prophets, once wrote the following about this: “As different as the lives of the individual prophets were, they all had an exceedingly hard fate in common. The prophets were never welcomed with open arms; at all times the people resisted their words with the strongest opposition. Without exception, their lives were oppressive; they often gave stirring expression to their unspeakable sorrow. The nameless grief of Jeremiah became a melancholy that could hardly be fathomed. His wailing words of lament are hardly unique to him. Almost all prophets have experienced such barely endurable torment ... To be a prophet is one of the hardest fates for a human being ...”

A great work of revelation

The natural opponent of the prophets has always been the respective caste of priests. Why? The prophet breaks apart rigid dogmas and traditions. The prophets were a constant thorn in the flesh of the pharisees of all times, the administrators of church rituals and their multitudes of governmental assistants. They didn’t want to let the show they put on for the people be spoiled, especially since they could lead a well-fed life style from the takings at the box office. This is still the case today. The public in the theatre stalls realized long ago that the drama of politics and church produced by state considers the spectators fools. But the opinion-makers in the theatre boxes don’t want to admit that God doesn’t speak through cardinals and popes or hide behind theological brain spawns, but that He has again sent a high spirit being to the people, which incarnated in a woman with the earthly name of Gabriele, and through whom the direct communication with the spiritual-divine world became possible. And when she points out that the teachings of the Nazarene were disgracefully betrayed by the institutions that call themselves Christian, the church functionaries and their lackeys attack her through newspaper editorials and official governmental offices. Of all things, the most totalitarian institutions in the history of mankind, the Roman Church and its Lutheran offshoot, feel called upon to disparage statements on the consistency of ethics of Jesus of Nazareth as being totalitarian – His pacifism, which is mocked by the doctrine of a just war; His love for animals, which is kept out of the Bibles edited by the churches and is betrayed by the disdain for animals blessed by the church; His teaching of a loving Father-God, which is perverted through the church teaching of eternal damnation and an avenging God, who needed His own Son as a human sacrifice for the sake of reconciliation.

Despite all the hostility and slander from the inquisitors of today, the successors on the family tree of worst crimes, the prophetic word for the present time meanwhile goes round the world. Many people had lost their belief in God, because many passages of the Old Testament present Him in part as a cruel monster. Many people had lost their belief in Christ, because they couldn’t deal with the cloying image of Jesus presented in their religion class, and not lastly: because the churches that call themselves Christian are a repulsive role model. Now they hear again that Christ lives, that He reveals Himself anew through the mouth of a prophet as our Redeemer, that He announces His spiritual return, teaches the Inner Path to God, announces His Kingdom of Peace, but also great turmoil and upheaval, of which He already spoke as Jesus of Nazareth.

God’s stream of light, which reveals itself through Gabriele in human words, created a great work of revelation, which convinces alone through its clarity: God is not an avenging God, who needed His Son as a sacrificial lamb, but the loving Father who loves all His children, who, at the same time, is the All-Spirit, which permeates everything, every plant, every animal and every atom and dwells in the soul of every person. Through the mouth of a prophet, the Spirit of God explains the Fall of the spirit beings and the emergence of matter. The Redeemer-deed of the Son of God was set free from the pagan blood-mysticism of Paul. On Golgotha, as we learn from the words “It is finished” of the crucified one, flowed to all souls and humans the Redeemer-spark, which makes it possible to turn back and change our ways. The interrelationships between the macrocosm and the microcosm are explained, the interaction between the internal and the external and the structure of matter, which ultimately consists of spiritual atoms. Never before was so much reported about the heavenly worlds via the inner vision of a human being and, through a divine prophecy, what holds the world together in its innermost being was never before so plausibly explained. And the most important thing of all: the revelation of the schooling path of the inner being for all people, the Inner Path, which leads to the development of a person’s full consciousness, through which, in the final analysis, each and every one can behold and experience the whole truth of Creation and its laws in his own inner being.

Specific predictions

How seriously we should take these revelations and how sound they are, if this word may be applied here, is also shown by all those parts that contains prophetic predictions. For example, what was said in 1992 concerning a forthcoming reversal of the poles. I quote briefly from this Christ-revelation:

“The earth is rebelling because of the many causes that are coming into effect more and more. But the great of this world have by far not yet comprehended this. They are steering the nations toward the greatest disaster, namely to a shifting of the poles ... Oh see: I, Christ, still hold the earth’s magnetic field in My hands, the mighty dynamo for this earth, which radiates out into the All-Cosmos to the stars and planets and establishes the connection to the All-Cosmos. And so, I still hold this dynamo in My hands – but the causes are pressing more and more to come into effect ... This means that everything will be over in an instant; then man will experience what is written in the stars. What he has sent into the universe falls back onto the earth. All the refuse of technology is falling back onto the earth and thus, onto the people, similarly as if the stars were to fall from heaven.” And then the Spirit of the Christ of God closes this passage of the revelation with the following words: “Verily, I say to you, then the waters will come and cover up the refuse and the great transformation will take place more and more, from the negative to the positive. The loaned divine energy, which was transformed down by the human ego, is changing into positive power. I put this positive power to work on the earth that is cleansing itself. In this way, I Am already building the Kingdom of Peace of Jesus Christ, My kingdom, whose ruler I will be.”


Confirmation by science

That was 10 years ago; and many thought things would never get so bad; and the prophet’s opponents called this an end-of-the-world-panic. But now this prediction turns out to have been and to be breathtakingly correct. And so, one can read, for instance, in a southern German newspaper from April 15, 2002: “The geo-dynamo responsible for the magnetic field of this planet is no longer rotating normally. A development is indicated that could have a significant effect on the life of mankind. Researchers have discovered anomalies in the magnetic field of our earth that indicate that the poles may be reversing. At the same time, the magnetic North Pole is moving in the direction of Russia at a high tempo. Its travelling speed has increased during the past years from 10 to 50 kilometers per year ...” And then it says: “What apparently doesn’t affect nature much could, however, become a huge problem for the high technology of mankind ... Namely, when the protective magnetic field disappears for only a brief time during the reversal process, the earth will lie unprotected in the solar wind and thus be exposed to the interstellar stream of highly energized particles ... Especially endangered will be airplanes and satellites ... With our technology, we are increasingly approaching areas that are influenced by extraterrestrial phenomena.”

The prophecy of the turn in time certainly does not need to be confirmed by a scientific report; but perhaps those who always doubt will think somewhat more about it. Every one must decide for himself whether he believes in the prophetic word or not; but he should also be aware of what he risks when he wants to rely solely on his limited consciousness, thus rejecting what help the Spirit of God is offering to mankind today. Within the framework of the path of schooling for the inner being, one of His practical aids for life reads: “We are in this school of earth in order to forgive our neighbor, with whom we live in conflict, for example, to ask him for forgiveness and to no longer do what led to the conflicts ... and to make amends for what we neglected to do in previous incarnations and what we have inflicted upon ourselves during this earthly existence.”

(This text was published in the magazine “The Kingdom of Peace” 6/2002.)


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