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The Word of God, the Law of Love and Unity,
and Those of This Earth Without Rights
The Big Gabriele Letter 4

A look into this world with the eyes of the love of God and the All-Unity. Many people have become moral cowards who subject themselves to the viewpoints of the church and worldly tyrants. Those who bear the suffering for this are our fellow creatures, the animals, yes all of Mother Earth.

The Word of God,
the Law of Love and Unity,
and Those of This Earth Without Rights

The Love for God and Neighbor
and a Bent, Distorted Christianity
Gabriele Letter No. 3

A letter from Gabriele to friends and fellow men: A very concise and fundamental insight and critical analysis of church doctrine, by shedding light on the commandments of God. Emphasis is placed on the attitude of the institutional churches toward war in comparison to the clear statements of Jesus of Nazareth. Further important aspects are the teaching of reincarnation and of equality, freedom, unity, brotherliness and justice as the basis for a peaceful co-existence among people.

Mirror, Mirror an the Wall -
Does God now Live in Another Land?
Gabriele Letter, No. 2

Gabriele gives suggestions for a critical and analytical thinking, beginning with a brief review: highlights in the development of church history.

Christmas and New Year - Traditional Pagan Customs!
Gabriele Letter, No. 1

It is Advent. Once more, Christmas is drawing near, that church celebration that takes place with the greatest extravagance and fuss by everyone, whether church-oriented or not. So, let us take a closer look at the traditional Christmas celebration and the time of Advent.

The Murder of Animals is the Death of Humans
"The Prophet" No. 16

Hardly anyone ever ask, what will become of humankind as a result of the unspeakable magnitude of torture and mass murder committed against animals or when the consequences will become visible and tangible. This booklet makes it clear: The cup is full – It is enough! An appeal to all people with a heart and a mind.

Animals Lament - "The Prophet" Denounces!
"The Prophet" Nr. 15

An important concern of this book is also to point out interrelationships which no one until now has explained. For example, the assumption of man that takes for granted the right to rule over animals and people with cruelty and for thousands of years has a method behind it - and an origin that may surprise many a one.

The Youth and the Prophet
»The Prophet« No. 10

A recording of a lively discussion between several youths and the prophetess. The youths admantly poses: "We live in a world where it is expecially difficult for young people to find their way around. Every one of us who is looking for ethical or moral values has to realize that these can hardly be found anymore. Where is the true and real? Everything, without exception, is reduced to a norm and before you know it you become, or have already become, an imitator"... and they asked Gabriele many questions, such as the meaning of life, how a youth can structure his life to be worth living and especially include God and His Commandments in his life.

The Old-Timer and the Prophet
"The Prophet" No. 9

The old-timer asks the prophet a series of critical questions, for example: Are all of you so holy that you never go to a bar? Aren't you allowed to enjoy a beer or a glass wine? Why don't you eat sausage and meat? Do the Original Christians commemorate the suffering and death of Jesus on Good Friday, and do they celebrate His Resurrection at Easter? What do you Original Christians do when one of you - an Original Christian - dies? Do you bury him yourselves or what? Can you prove that there really is reincarnation? Please define God's mercy for me once more. What you say about God - that is not the God I know from school or from confirmation classes! Surely, there can be only one kind of God! Which is the right one? What can one believe? What does a quarrel among you look like? How do you behave?

Servile Faith and Its Mysteries
"The Prophet" No. 8

Servile Faith and Its Mysteries Another discussion between a Christ-friend and Gabriele. The Christ-friend asks for example: What is "faith" actually? Aren't we the servant, the slave, of our belief as long as we merely believe and do not activate our faith in the good - within which lies hope - through a goal-oriented life, so that what we believe in and what we hope for, can be realized, that is, can become real and visible to us, existing as actuality? Everything else - the mere "belief" - is simply like groping about in the fog, unable to see anything and maybe even losing our way, inasmuch as our faith remains a passive faith. What is reality if we merely believe? What is truth if we merely believe? What can we hold onto if we just stand in the fog of passive faith? What can we see or where are our prospects? Wouldn't "servile faith" be the right way to describe a belief that envelops us like a fog, behind which are secrets, our world of desires or our worries, what we hope for or do not wish for?

"Christian" living throughout the year
"The Prophet" No. 7

Whether Christmas, or Good Friday, Easter, Pentecost or All Saints Day - these are the highlights throughout the course of the year. Christian holidays - how do the Christians celebrate "their" festivities? And how do they live their lives between the holidays? Christmas, for example. There is hardly another celebration that is as externalized as this one. Who really thinks about the actual meaning of Christmas, and who is even aware of it?

Fate: My Fate, Your Fate, Our Fate, Whose Life Plan?
"The Prophet" No. 6

A Christ-friend asked Gabriele, do you concern yourself with astrology? Do you believe in it? The result is a lively discussion which is found in this issue of "The Prophet" over fate, over how the cosmos is interwoven with soul and person, over the life plan and the life tasks of the person, over karma, the incarnation of the soul, an eventual abortion, over original sin and much more.

The Creed of the Original Christians
“The Prophet” No. 5

What Original Christians do believe in and what Original Christians do not in.

Building the divine work
“The Prophet” No. 4

In this edition from the series "The Prophet", Gabriele responds the following questions and others from a Christ-friend: Gabriele, why did the Christ of God begin His work under the name of the Homebringing Mission of Jesus Christ? As things further developed Universal Life grew out of the Homebringing Mission of Jesus Christ. How are we to understand these steps of evolution? In the Bible we read about the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. In the western world the Catholic and Protestant institutions designate themselves as competent in regard to the teachings of Jesus. So why does the Christ of God give revelations again? Is it, among other things, to teach about the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount? Does Universal Life include this new economic system which you have just mentioned? And what exactly does Universal Life mean?

Who Started It All - Adam or Eve?
"The Prophet" Nr. 3

A Christ-friend speculates on an article in the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" in which a 33 year-old theologian from Bonn and her 48 year-old colleague had been ordained as priests in the Old Catholic Church and remembered that in the "Passauer Neue Presse" on Feb. 25, 1995 it was reported that the first female bishop now existed the Lutheran Church in Germany. It is possible that more female bishops have since been appointed to the Lutheran regional churches. But whether there are one or more female bishops in the Protestant Church or one or more female priests among the Old Catholics - the question arises: Has Paul and his epistles in the Bible ourlived their usefulness? If the answer is affirmative, then they were merely words written by a person and not God-given. Or did Paul allow his prejudice against women to flow into the divinely inpried epistles when he worte the following in I Corinthians 14:34-35: "Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak: but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church."

"The Prohet" No. 2

The prophet gives, to all people and in accordance with the laws of God, food for thought and answers to the complications and deplorable state of affairs in this world. But he also speaks about his task and in so doing, about himself too. In this pamphlet, a Christ-friend asks Gabriele, the prophetess of God in Universelles Leben, some questions, to which he receives detailed answers.

Questions on the Prophetess of God
“The Prophet” No. 1

In this edition of "The Prophet," Gabriele shows all of us, how a founding figure - be it in a spiritual community or an enterprise or in politics - can continue to give help and instructions to the following gereration by means of leadership and advice.


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