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Mirror, Mirror an the Wall -
Does God now Live in Another Land?


During our life on Earth there are days when the wish awakens to retreat somewhat more from the doings of daily life, in order to think about oneself or about the situation in our world.

The alert person is characterized by the fact that he is not satisfied with the superficiality of life, but finds out the why of his daily life and of the events of the day and draws his own conclusions from this. The one who analyzes his way of feeling, thinking and acting self-critically and puts into practice what he has recognized from this, in order to do justice to higher ethical-moral standards in the future, also attains the ability to see clearly what is going on around him and in the world.
Such an alert contemporary shapes his life instead of letting himself be shaped and formed, that is, be indoctrinated and conformed, as it were. He makes use of his freedom to think and decide for himself. He does not let go of the rudder of his life in order to run, dull, blind and deaf like a lemming, with the masses to that place where others want to have him.

When we start to analyze ourselves, then often the word “why?” comes up as a central issue in our self-critique. For instance, we ask ourselves: “Why am I for the one person and less for the other or even against him?” But life also confronts us with other questions that go beyond the very personal: Why are there these and those conditions in the world? Why wars, if we of the western world are really Christians? Why terror, murder and manslaughter, if we are Christian? Why must Mother Earth unendingly suffer through us humans? Why do many insulting words contain the names of animals, for often one hears, for instance, “You silly goose,” “You stupid cow,” “You ass,” “You pig!” and much more?

To all this one could lightly say: “That’s a reflection of the decline of all values and morals in our world.” This answer does come close and is not wrong, but it hardly brings us any further. Instead, it would be advisable to ask further: “Why is this so?” and to include ourselves in the question as well: “Do I also contribute to this?” And: “Why do I do this?” The little word “why” is a central issue over and over again; ultimately, we are always confronted with it.
Younger people pass over world situations as well as personal matters and difficulties more easily and quickly. I compare many a young person with a waterfall. Those who are growing up have their future before them. There are many things that they have not yet experienced. From this, grow desires for the future and longings, which considering their youth is completely natural.

But an older person often makes a review and asks himself, for instance: Why did my life on Earth go the way it did and not according to my wishes? Why did fate afflict me in particular? Why didn’t I attain this or that? An elderly person is largely occupied with personal matters. And many a news report from the world gives him cause to think about whether the world was a better place in earlier times than today.
I, too, thought about this and looking back, I can say that I experienced and learned about many things; it was not always nice. But as the speaking instrument of the Lord, my review is more concerned with the past 2000 years. In this, I think again and again of Jesus, the Christ, our Redeemer, whose name has been flagrantly abused by many people, above all by the church institutions and their representatives for nearly 2000 years. And spontaneously, the thought that comes up is how long can this still last – for the law of sowing and reaping, as we know, balances out everything quite justly.

And so, I invite you, dear friends, to go with me through a short review. Let us go through a brief sketch of the development of the history of the church over the past centuries, and above all, throw a light on the present situation, the behavior patterns and statements of high-ranking church representatives, which could help many to see things in a clearer light.
The decline of all morals and values began with Constantine, who “raised” the “Christian” church to a state church, and made the inner religion of Jesus, the Christ, into an externalized state religion. The teachings of Jesus, the Christ, were embellished, diluted, twisted and cut, that is to say, falsified, and are being trampled underfoot right up until today.
The name of Christ was taken – one calls oneself “Christian” – but His teaching, His message, was subjugated to the power interests of an institution, which did not act in His spirit, but in opposition to it. The development of the entire “Christian” western world and consequently, of the rest of the world as well, followed accordingly. Many people had to suffer, in part considerably: directly through the Crusades, through the ecclesiastical terrorism of conquest, through a missionary activity that very often respected neither the freedom and the life of individual fellow men nor the developed culture of a people, and indirectly through the influence of the “Christian world” on other countries of the Earth.
Often I have thought that if the behavior of mankind, especially that of the Christian western world, stays the same, then Jesus, the Christ, would have come into the world in vain. But that need not be feared, for His words – even just those that the Bible passes on truthfully in their essence – are unmistakable. At some point, we know they will come into effect. He said, for example:

Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.”
Or: “So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”
Or, as it says: “... it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the Kingdom of God.”
Or, as Jesus said: “... many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name ...?’ ...Then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; go away from me, you evil-doers.’ ”

When one thinks about the fact that for nearly 2000 years, Jesus, the Christ, has been referred to as the initiator of the Christian religion, and when the attentive contemporary of today draws his conclusions based on what has become of it after what for us humans is a long time, then a shaking of heads, a feeling of alienation or even perplexity is practically inevitable. Many a person who compares the teaching of the Nazarene – for example, the Sermon on the Mount – with church doctrine as well as with the cruel history of the church and then finally takes a look at the disaster in the world may irritably ask himself: Did Jesus live at all? Or is He perhaps no more than a symbolic artifact of the so-called Christian churches?
No matter how the individual may think about it, few have really followed the teachings of Jesus, the Christ, least of all the church institutions, whether they call themselves Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox. When we compare the teachings of Jesus, the Christ, with church doctrines and the behavior of church “dignitaries,” who let themselves be addressed with “excellency,” eminence,” bishop,” “pastor” and “priest,” all the way to the so-called “Holy Father,” then it not only looks pretty dismal in the Christianity of the church, but downright dark.
And so, the world was no better earlier; it was just that not so much came to light. But ever since Constantine, the “Christian” state church – and later its offshoots – has truly darkened the teachings of Jesus, the Christ. And now, the ecclesiastical darkness is becoming ever more clearly apparent.
During this great turn of time we find ourselves in – and in accordance with the causal law – the causes set in the past are coming into effect ever more rapidly. The seeds of millennia are sprouting – it is harvest time. The mighty cosmic irradiation of the divine primordial light is gradually leading all density into transformation. The era of the Spirit is dawning. In this world everything that has been built up and established is becoming increasingly visible as what it is: either light or dark. What is against the will of God is losing strength. The negative is exposing itself.

That this is so, dear friends, can clearly be seen in recent statements by Pope John Paul II, who – like his predecessors – calls himself the representative of God on Earth and demands that his faithful consider him infallible.

In a German newspaper, DAS BILD from Dec. 13, 2002, we can read the following: “According to the pope in a general audience before hundreds of faithful, God has withdrawn into heaven, disgusted with humanity’s actions. God is silent.” And further, we read: “The pope said: ‘He turns away when man rejects him.’ Only out of faith, love and trust in God can salvation be expected, and a ‘rock of salvation’ will become visible. Only the person who turns to him can expect his ‘embrace.’ ”
The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera from Dec. 12, 2003 gave a similar report. There, they wrote: “In addition to the sword and hunger, there is a greater tragedy, that of the silence of God who no longer reveals himself and seems to have withdrawn into his heaven, as if disgusted with humanity’s behavior.”

Why does the pope say “God is silent”?
We know that God is not silent. At all times He has spoken through enlightened men and women and He has been speaking His holy word through His instrument, His prophetess, for 28 years. The pope knows this, too, because in 1980, via a high, divine spirit being, the Spirit of God turned to the Vatican in a letter, in which He offered His help to the pope, “in order to save what can still be saved.” And so, the pope is aware of speaking the untruth.
The backdrop to the statements of the pope are the catastrophic conditions in the world, which is heading toward a global disaster of dimensions never before seen, as well as the fatal situation in which the church finds itself today. It is obvious that in many ways the world is plunging into the abyss, and that as a result of the increasing loss of faithful and the general decline in trust, the dominance of the church is disintegrating.
In the German magazine FOCUS no. 52/2002, the renown Protestant professor for historical theology and denominationalism, Gerhard Besier, wrote the following:
“In 1950 the Lutheran Church in Germany had 43 million members, presently it has only 26.6 million members. Only a minority of Germans, 39%, according to information from the Allensbach public-opinion analyst, think that the churches are making any kind of effort to ‘persuade the people of their faith.’ Such an establishment does not gain trust. For years the churches have been experiencing one defeat after the other in opinion polls. Regularly at least a third of those questioned said they no longer had any trust in the church. Just recently a poll by the Gallop Institute in America caused a great stir. According to it, the religious communities in Germany landed in last place on the scales of public trust in comparison with 16 other public institutions.
Thanks to the collection of church taxes by the state and considerable state subsidies, the German churches are among the richest in the world; nevertheless they constantly complain about shrinking income. Not only the high rate of unemployment, but the increasing age of their members makes things difficult for them ...”
These facts speak for themselves.

Now, after “the child has already fallen into the well,” the pope capitulates and passes the blame – just as at all times – onto his fellow man. He, “the Holy Father,” the “representative of God,” the “shepherd of his flock,” washes his hands in innocence, just as Pontius Pilate did. As long as the church people were pliant, as long as the faithful, as denominational lemmings, as intimidated, controllable subjects, joyfully shouted Hosanna to the regents on Peter’s chair in Rome, the excellencies and eminencies, and paid their absolutions from sin and other dues, including their church taxes, like good subjects, they were the sheep that loyally followed the papal head shepherd, who graciously received their ovations and deferential obeisance.
Now that more and more sheep are becoming obstinate, now that they no longer want to be baptized serfs and have revoked their loyalty to the papal “shepherd,” this “Holy Father” in Rome has branded them as those forsaken by God.”
For clarification, once more the wording of what was in the newspapers:
DAS BILD from Dec. 13, 2002:“According to the pope in a general audience before hundreds of faithful, God has withdrawn into heaven, disgusted with humanity’s actions. God is silent.” And further, it says: “The pope said: ‘He turns away when man rejects him.’ Only out of faith, love and trust in God can salvation be expected, and a ‘rock of salvation’ will become visible. Only the person who turns to him can expect his ‘embrace.’ ”
And in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera from Dec. 12, 2003:“In addition to the sword and hunger, there is a greater tragedy, that of the silence of God who no longer reveals himself and seems to have withdrawn into his heaven, as if disgusted with humanity’s behavior.”
The pope is referring to a passage in the Old Testament and interprets it. It is quite dramatic. In chapter 14 (especially mentioned are verses 17-21), we read in Jeremiah that God closes Himself off to His people because it has sinned too much and too long, and leaves it, as it were, to its effects: the “sword” (war) and “famine.”
The one who reads in Jeremiah (700 years before Christ) will find that at the beginning of chapter 15 it is written that the Lord, that is, God, said to Jeremiah, among other things: “Though Moses and Samuel stood before me, yet my heart would not turn toward this people. Send them out of my sight ...” From this, it is clearly apparent to anyone who is merely a bit knowledgeable, that these are some of the many untruths in the Old Testament, falsified by those whose aim was to present to the people a God to be feared.
But first let us examine the pope’s point of view, for which he certainly has his reasons. And so, when we follow the pope’s logic, then God had already withdrawn into heaven back then.
Consequently, He never was in the so-called Christian institutions to begin with.
The churches can now cleverly argue that through Christ, He came to us again and established the “Christian church,” which He founded on the rock Rome. When we think this through in a logical manner the result would be the same again today as at the time of Jeremiah. Or, in case God never did return since Jeremiah, then Jesus, the Christ, was also never in the established sham-Christian churches. The Redeemer-deed of Jesus, the Christ, never settled in a “church made of stone,” which needs the “houses of God” made of stone, but in the souls of all people. This is why the person is the temple of God and not the temple or church of stone.
God never dwelt in churches or temples of stone

The claim that God withdraws into heaven, or has even already withdrawn, bears witness to how shockingly little church leaders know about God. Only the myth of a punishing pagan God could prompt the pope to make such a statement.
God would never withdraw into heaven, because His eternal power is the All-power, and thus, the maintaining substance, the life, in matter. God is the eternal law of love, which is omnipresent, including in every person.
And how little these church people apparently know about the relationship between God and His child, the human being! Can it be that they haven’t ever experienced this? How then do they want to guide their fellow humans, who are their brothers and sisters, to God, to bring them close to God?
We know that even when a person turns away from God – God never turns away from the person. Were God to withdraw, offended and “disgusted” by man, then His law of love, freedom and unity would be imperfect; it would mean that of Himself, He would be withdrawing from Himself. (p. 17)
If the life, which streams through the pure heavens and which is also the maintaining substance of matter and of fine-material matter – the purification planes where the souls of people who have died are found – were to withdraw, then all matter would collapse. The dissolution of all forms, including the pure forms, would then happen. That is what Lucifer wanted; that was his Fall-thought, for he alone, Lucifer, wanted to be God. He wanted and apparently still wants today to dissolve God’s creation and to create a new, a satanic creation. For what purpose would the Son of God have come then, He, who brought the redeeming spark to all people and burdened souls, thus opposing the dissolution of all forms of creation?

In his statement, John Paul II shows whom the Catholic Church in truth serves. After nearly 2000 years, this declaration of bankruptcy is complete. Neither church taxes nor the absolution of sins have helped the faithful. And the blessing “Urbi et Orbi” has not moved mankind to turn back and change its ways, either. Not the many sermons from the pulpit and the so-called “holy masses,” not the forced Christianization of the Indians and the murder of millions of Indians by the churches, not the cruel crusades against so-called “pagans” from the 11th to the 13th centuries, not the church’s witch-hunts against the Jews from the 11th to the 14th centuries, and not the persecution of heretics and the burning of witches and heretics in the Middle Ages, all of which the church decisively participated in, nothing, but nothing, achieved anything, neither for the individual person nor for mankind as a whole. It is truly already long, long since, enough!

The word “peace” is often spoken from pulpits, and not only at Christmastime. The church representatives have always been particularly fond of resounding terms and know how to skillfully use them at the right moment. However, acting according to the high ethical-moral principles expressed in them is another matter.

The “hirelings” have turned their sheep into “lemmings,” vassals, minions, toadies and yes-men, into conformists and opportunists, who, sight unseen, have accepted much, if not all, that the heads of the churches, the hirelings, have fooled them with and led them to believe. Who introduced pagan customs like Christmas trees, St. Nicholas, the trivialized infant Jesus and the gifts from Santa Claus? Who condoned eating meat like the Christmas goose, turkey, venison roast and roast hare, carp and trout and much more as tradition? Who trivialized and sentimentalized the wonderful event of 2000 years ago – for instance, with the tradition of the infant Jesus flying down from heaven and bringing presents when the bell rings, or the infant Jesus as a little figurine of wax, plastic or wood – when Jesus, the Christ, has long since grown up and ascended into heaven? Who tolerates pagan customs such as Easter eggs, Easter rabbits and even the Easter ham that is consecrated by the priest, and the Easter lamb, and feasts on the latter himself? What does all this have to do with the resurrection of the Lord? Who led the people away from the unity between nature and man and into churches of stone, where the true God has never dwelt?
The church institutions have brought the greatest disaster over their believers. Now those who have practiced tactical evasion for thousands of years are also turning the tables: The hirelings are blaming the lemmings for the disaster. This means, as seen in the light of day, that the culprits, the hirelings, are persecuting their victims and, by accusing them, turn them into the culprits who supposedly diluted and betrayed what it means to be Christian.

It is the churches themselves which have brought into the world this tradition that so confuses its original meaning. The traditional paganism of the church now became the tradition of the church faithful. Let us think about the “three holy kings.” Whether it was kings, astrologers or wise men from the Orient, in any case it was people who brought gifts to the babe in the manger. But the whole thing was sentimentalized and its original meaning twisted. Instead of church leaders giving gifts to the needy people in the world from their overflowing coffers of gold, they send children – dressed as the “three holy kings” – into the streets to knock on the doors of people’s houses and beg for money for the poor. That is not only absurd, but also exploitation and abuse of the lemmings.
The scapegoats for the many evils of our time should now be the good boys and girls from before, the lemmings, from whom God supposedly has turned away in disgust. Whoever, as a victim of the churches, lets himself be written off as a culprit by the churches that are themselves the culprits without decidedly taking a step and turning his back on this “consortium” can no longer be helped and has left his mind at the church door.

Have we as Christians thought about what fratricide means? Again and again, we hear about how many people have lost their lives on Earth through war. According to Christian teachings, all people are brothers and sisters to each other. In war, brother murders brother. Is that Christian? Presently a great army of people is again preparing to commit fratricide.

In many regions on the Mother Earth, the fight against brother, against sister and against the Mother Earth is being practiced. For this purpose, gigantic ships and aircraft carriers are sailing over the oceans with heavy artillery and weapons on board, as well as the most modern aircraft, equipped with the most ingenious weapons that, when the commander orders, flatten not only villages and cities, but also bring death, suffering and need to countless people, to brothers and sisters. The ear-deafening racket of these machines has, among other things, a destructive effect on the elements of the Earth. The aggressive noise from airplanes, missiles, tanks, heavy machines and the like bring the air to the bursting point. The death-bringing bombers take the lives of not only many humans and animals. They also shake up the Mother Earth and tear enormous crater wounds in the planet. How long will the mistreated Earth still bear this?
Over the oceans sail not only the warships; gigantic oil tankers pollute the air and, known or unknown, let out their oil. Let’s just think of the last oil spill disaster in Spain. Here, too, we experience a bestial war – against the oceans and the water animals, the fish, crabs, mussels, whales, seals, water birds, water plants and many other living beings of the waters. When we think of the fishing trawlers, we know that countless fish suffocate in great pain on the trawlers. The cruelties committed by monster man are not enough: baby seals are beaten to death for their pelts. Crabs and lobsters are cooked live; other inhabitants of the oceans are torn to pieces by explosives in the water. Their carcasses are prepared, for the benefit of pleasure-seeking people. At nicely set tables, thieving, cannibal man then devours the aesthetically garnished and seasoned pieces of carcass. Let us also think of the poisonous waste water from the atomic power plants and industrial factories. In general, one can describe humans as death that stalks the Earth destroying everything that it bears. And Cardinal Ratzinger says that God speaks to us through His Creation. Is all of the above then the answer of the people to this?

When one thinks about the fact that billions are given out for missiles and satellites, then one must ask himself: Do human beings still have any conscience at all? Many missiles and satellites break apart; their parts burn up or fall back onto the Earth. The space above the Earth has become a rubbish heap and a junkyard for satanic experiments. While billions are given out for this, millions upon millions of people are starving in the third world!
So that the satanic is not visible right away, it pretends to be merciful and begs the middle classes and the poor for the poorest. In their traditions, the rich keep their whole bag of tricks. Many of these “skillful petitioners” send out begging letters or invite people to a so-called benefit concert, in order to collect money for the poor in the third world. How much do the rich give, and above all, how much do the churches give, the golden calf worth billions? Only so much that the bank account is not harmed or the golden calf does not decline in value.
One thinks that the unspeakably rich churches also beg for the poor. No one realizes how the begging, rich churches wreaked havoc in other nations and forcefully christianized the people, causing the beggar’s staff to be their lot, still today.
If the churches were to give a large sum of their assets worth billions to the needy, then many a one could still believe that they had changed. But instead, the heads of these regimes worth billions beg the church faithful for the needy!

Dear brothers and sisters, dear friends, if you wish, please let more images take form in your awareness: War against the animal world. Millions upon millions of animals are kept in animal ghettos. Crammed together in the most confined spaces, without the light of day and enough air, they are fattened with feed that consists of ground up animal carcasses, from their slaughtered brothers and sisters, filled with hormones and other chemicals that are meant to raise the profits on meat. So that the so-called slaughter animal multiplies quickly, the natural cycle of reproduction is interfered with. Using hormones and pheromones, they are made into birthing machines for the animal-ghetto-offspring.

When the animals are ready for slaughter, the ghetto wardens load them into trucks to be shipped to the death chamber, where the animal executioner beats them down with blows, kills them, hangs them up and cuts them into pieces – for the creatures concerned, unspeakable torment, panic, fear ... The human vulture then falls over the carrion and with great relish, perhaps by candlelight, consumes the seasoned pieces of carcass that have been hung until tender.
And children, many of whom instinctively fight against eating meat, have hammered into them: “Eating meat is not bad – it was always so; it is totally normal.” It is “tradition.” The chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, etc. – to cut off their heads, tear out their feathers, to season and consume their bodies, is simply tradition.

Dear friends, when you read my letter and when the images of the enslaved, tortured and slaughtered animal brothers and sisters come up in you, in your hearts, then ask yourselves what you want to do with your life.
Why don’t the churches report about these animal massacres, for Cardinal Ratzinger did say: God speaks to us through Creation? Or must the animals and nature suffer so much because the animals don’t belong to any church institution and therefore pay no church taxes or tithes? The one who does not pay his tribute to the churches is shut out by them. And the animals are handed over to the hunters, the butchers and the meat-eaters.

War in forest and field. The dastardly and brutal human thief took and takes living space away from the animals for his purposes and sacrifices them. The culprit, the human thief, who stole from the animals, has chosen hunters to shoot down the victims, the animals, because supposedly too many of them have survived. The culprits are running free. The victims, the animals, are shot down from behind, shot and wounded, caught in traps and killed. The carrion, the pieces of carcass, are in turn cleared away by the human vulture. In Germany, when a larger number of animals are killed, that is, murdered, then so-called “clergymen” give blessings in St. Hubertus masses – to whom? The hunters who did such things? Or even the slaughtered animals, so that the pieces of their carcass taste good to the traditional church-faithful?
A lamb, which runs about unsuspectingly, romping and jumping about on the meadow with its playmates, and willingly lets itself be petted by children – how does it come to be an Easter lamb? Dear friends, let these terrible deeds take form in you as images. My pen is rebelling ...

The victims are slaughtered; the culprits, the people, multiply. But when such a brutal bloke dies, and be it in the face of the “Mother Church,” then despite the “last rites,” his soul does not enter the Kingdom of God, but comes again, because as a human being it did not accept the teachings of Jesus, the Christ, and did not walk the path to life.
The film reel of the war against Mother Earth does not break. In the law of sowing and reaping, which man created himself, everything is registered in the cosmos, right down to the last detail, and every cause, insofar as it is not recognized, repented and cleared up, will come into effect.
War against forest and field. The lord of the forest, man, ruthlessly cuts down his brothers, the trees, or sets entire forests on fire to satisfy his greed for profit. It does not matter to him that billions of living beings burn up, suffering unspeakable agony. Trees that are in his way are cut down so that new ones can grow for his use and profit, that will later then suffer the same fate. And the church, which allegedly is the church of Jesus Christ, remains silent. How many so-called Christmas trees are cut down? A pagan custom. Cardinal Ratzinger says: God speaks through His Creation. Is the pagan custom of cutting down “Christmas trees” the answer of the church Christians? A spruce becomes a “Christmas tree” when its life is taken. It may breathe its last for a few days or weeks, hung with tinsel, decorated with candles and shining balls – then it is disposed of. Did Christ want this? Did He call for this? Then why is it done? Christ is the Spirit of life!
War against the fields of Mother Earth. The farmer murders larger animals and tiny micro-organisms with chemicals and solid and liquid manure. The church remains silent – and then says: “God is silent.”
He is not silent! For example, available on cassette and in the book “The All-Spirit, GOD, Speaks Directly Through His Prophetess Into Our Time. He Does Not Speak the Word of the Bible” He said the following:
“How do you want to still become children of God? Look at your fields. Artificial fertilizers, pesticides and weed-killers – I use your words. You torment and mistreat your fields. When the Earth gives it back to you and you become ill, then you accuse God? Complain to the god of the underworld. He wants it this way – and in the end, you do, too, for you serve him.
The Earth calls to Me, the Creator, for mercy, for freedom. What do you do? You accuse Me – instead complain to the one whom you serve and by whom you are inspired.
Many of you say that animals have infectious diseases. Who infected them – God or man? You take in this information and experience the infectious disease in your physical body. Who is to blame? God? Or yourself?
See all of this in your images! The animal in your slaughterhouses, hung up, that is, hanged – it bleeds and feels.
Animals in the most confined spaces. They are suffering. Feel this!
Animals in your so-called transports. Feel how many an animal dies in the most terrible way.
Feel into your laboratories. Animal experiments. Here an injection, there an injection, kept and observed in the most confining spaces.
If all of this were to happen to you, what would you say then? You will experience all of these images, and according to your participation, you will experience the pain, the torment of the animals, the plants and the minerals.
When the blows of fate hit you on this side of life, then you accuse Me. Complain to the god of the underworld and his gods, whom you have served and serve, without consideration for the life. And you are just as ruthless toward your own physical body, but also toward your soul, which at the latest, will languish in the spheres of purification, for according to its participation, it has to experience what the person allowed in this world. What good does your silence do? What good does your protesting do? ...
Many people are merciless and pitiless. They remain merciless and pitiless – and call for Me in the last hours of their physical existence? Oh see, the commandments given through Moses were not given for the last hours, nor was the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus! These divine laws for the higher life were given to you for your earthly existence, so that you may recognize your sins, and with the help of the Redeemer-Spirit in you, the Christ of God, repent of the sins you have recognized, clear them up and no longer commit them. This is the growth toward the inner life. No intermediaries are needed for this. What is necessary for this is a light-filled mind that still knows how to weigh what is good and what is disgraceful ...”

The Fall-thought, to destroy and wipe out everything, still sits in many heads – and wants man to rule over God.
This is apparently just fine for the church institutions, for when the pope says that God has withdrawn into heaven, then God would be in retreat and the thief and murderer without conscience, the human being, would be advancing. That would be a triumph for those forces that are behind the dastardliness of man and have announced God’s withdrawal. They would then have come a very promising step closer to their goal of still conquering God.
Since the Fall into sin, which is directed against God, the desire of the negative forces to dissolve all forms has existed. This would mean death to all God’s creatures on the Mother Earth, in the forests, on and in the fields, in the waters, in the air. It would also mean death to the majority of humans, so that only a very few would be left to become the lords of creation who before changing over into the satanic realm as spiritually dead ones still want to blow up the Earth. But this will not happen, because God, the almighty Creator said: The Earth is Mine.
The world is on the verge of collapse. The satanic regime thinks it can destroy the Mother Earth. It flattens whole mountains and undertakes the shifting of huge masses of earth. It diverts the water veins of the Earth by building artificial waterways and enormous dams. The Earth is being hollowed out through borings and mines and much more injustice. The satanic regime wants to kill the Earth. If it doesn’t manage to take over the planet, then it turns to its terrible atomic weapon arsenals, which are set out all over the Earth, in order to blow it up.

But despite papal “prophesying,” God is not withdrawing into heaven. God is the life, also in every little piece of Mother Earth. Mother Earth cannot be destroyed, because the Spirit of infinity is absolute and perfect.
Christ is the victor! He will also conquer the satanic warriors, for the Spirit of infinity, which is also effective in the Mother Earth, is stronger.
Things are approaching the tipping-point, for the suffering of the Mother Earth is immeasurable. The elements are suffering; many people are suffering and lamenting; the animal and plant worlds are suffering unspeakably. The wounds of the Mother Earth are hurting.
Pope John Paul II unmistakably made known the declaration of bankruptcy of his church. For people whose mind is alert, the church institutions are now showing their true colors.
Despite everything, the “cross ship” church continues its journey, because the lemmings are still romping around intoxicated with dogma and do not recognize why the “cross ship” still has the cross with the corpse on board, even though Jesus, the Christ, resurrected already 2000 years ago. Is it merely tradition – or something more? Why does the “cross ship” bless the warriors’ weapons? Because it is tradition? Jesus said something else: “For the one who takes the sword will perish by the sword.” Why are the highest church celebrations, Christmas and Easter, the greatest slaughter feasts? Because it is tradition? Countless trees, which are “raised” to be Christmas trees, are cut down for the pagan Christmas magic. Why? Because it is tradition? Why the St. Hubertus masses, in which the hunters and their death-bringing weapons receive the blessings of the church institution? Because it is tradition?
Mother Earth with its animals, with its nature and its minerals does not want the victory of the church institutions. And why? Mother Earth will not receive any blessing from the churches. And why?
More and more people are answering the question “and why?” for themselves. Intuitively they are following the words found in Rev. 18:4: “Come out of her, my people, so that you do not take part in her sins, and so that you do not share in her plagues!”

Dear brothers and sisters, dear friends – how will it continue?
In closing, a few words from our divine brother and Redeemer from His mighty . The Gospel of Jesus. TheW
work of revelation This Is My Word. A and  Christ-Revelation that meanwhile is known all over the world:
“Again and again, it is the same ones who persecute Me in My own; for, despite the “It is finished”, I Am still the thorn in the heart of those who want to maintain and expand the Demons’ State. In the present time [1989], it is again the scribes and those who are servile to them in the ecclesiastic and worldly authorities. They, too, incite the people with untruths against the followers of the Christ.
Yet, everything comes to an end. What took place in the almost two thousand years is now bearing its effects and befalls those who, for two thousand years, have continued to behave as they did at My time as Jesus of Nazareth. Today, too, they are afraid to lose their position and their prestige. But their power is gradually coming to an end – the effects of their causes are breaking in over them.

The position of the negative forces is becoming weaker and weaker. The present scribes, pharisees and authorities of the state and of the church are calling out like drowning people. They sense that the flood which will wash them away is already on its way. What was wrongly built up in My name in the course of two thousand years is fading away: a power which indeed called and calls itself Christian, but neither was nor is Christian and which, in many ways, took and takes My name, Christ, in vain.
The New Era is awakening and will arise from the ruins of the past ...”

Dear brothers, dear sisters in Christ, I do not want to indoctrinate any person with this, my letter – which is somewhat longer than planned. My heart is heavy when I think of the love of our divine brother and Redeemer and of all the people who have been led astray, but also of the Mother Earth with its animals, plants and minerals.
My deepest wish is that still many people reflect on their earthly lives and find their way to Christ, who is the love and unity. The one who finds the way to the great Spirit of infinity in himself will also feel in his heart how Mother Earth suffers and all the forms of life that she supports.

In deep affection,



P.S. I just received the text of a song from Reinhard Mey that I don’t want to keep from you. In the constitution of the United States and of the Republic of Germany it says: “The dignity of a person is inviolable.” I would say that the “dignity” of man is becoming more visible day by day! In his song, “The Dignity of the Pig Is Inviolable,” Richard Mey drastically portrays to what point mankind has come.

“The Dignity of the Pig Is Inviolable”

In a narrow box it was,
cement floor and youthful fuzz
that she first saw the light bulbs of the world.
She was piglet number four,
one to three lay over her on the floor,
such a crowd, she almost died.
Two weeks only, sucking hard,
then someone came and Mum was gone.
Yet as loving memories faded,
the words of mother pig never jaded:
“The dignity...”

The dark hole now became her home,
on one spot day in, day out,
and always in its self-made mess.
The sensitive nose, the beastly smell,
made her sad, made her ill,
jabs there were as it got worse.
She was ordered now to breed,
a thing to which she never agreed.
Pig exists to give more meat,
and when at last they broke her will,
the words of mother pig were still:
“The dignity...”

The cattle transport soon was there,
they grabbed me by the tail and ear,
together with my other pals.
We suffered, squealing loud with fear,
we were squashed together really near,
a pig is clever so we knew,
this was tragic, what to do?
She knew this was the end of the road,
the slaughter house it now forebode,
and so she went with head held high,
“The dignity ...”

She never saw the light of day,
or walked on grass, or smelt fresh hay,
the straw beneath her feet just stank.
She never rolled around in mud,
happily cooled and joined by her budd.
How could I eat this suffering misery!?
The menu I held in my hand,
I saw the dishes in this land,
but the pictures lingering,
I can’t forget, you poor wee thing!
I don’t want to be the cause,
so as guest in restaurant,
order cauliflower instead.
“The dignity ...”



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