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Questions on the Prophetess of God

The prophetess of God in Universelles Leben hears the voice of the heart. It is the voice of God, the voice of truth, which the prophetess conveys in her mother tongue.


A prophet gives to all people, and according to the law of God, food for thought and answers to the complications and deplorable state of affairs of this world. But he also speaks about his task and, in so doing, about himself, too.

In this pamphlet, a Christ-friend asks a few questions of the prophetess of God in Universelles Leben:



Gabriele, why did you make a declaration in the “Christ State” about your decision to step aside?



The law of God, the law of love and wisdom, speaks in my heart. If people had learned to look into the words, they would be able to understand many things that otherwise seem incomprehensible to them.

For me to “step aside” means to step to the side of those who bear responsibility, and not be in the foreground. In this world, it is usual that people in responsible positions continue to stay in the foreground until they are voted out under pressure or are forced by illness to give up their position. Often the result is that no other persons of responsibility within the organization are able to take over the tasks of the one who has either been voted out or stepped down, so that a basic area of work or responsibility can be carried on without great difficulties or set-backs.


During the many years of my activities, I stood in the forefront of many brothers and sisters in order to bear the brunt of the attacks against Universelles Leben and against my person, because those who stood at my side first had to be trained and strengthened. Since I hear the voice of the heart, I also know when the time has come for those standing at my side to assume the responsibility and for me to step to their side. In other words, there has been neither a change of power nor have I been removed from office nor am I ill. I merely gave precedence to the following generation that has grown stable, and now I take my place at their side in order to continue to be a support and help for my brothers and sisters – until they gradually come to think and act according to the voice of the heart in their inner being and fulfill the law of God more and more.


A prophet does not go into retirement. And so, I am not collecting my pension, but have done what does not happen in many groups: I have trained those who bear responsibility and who will carry on the great work of God. They can be sure that they will continue to have the prophetic voice of the heart at their side. Many spiritual communities and groups have fallen apart when the founder passed on. This will not happen in Universelles Leben, because the voice of the heart, which I follow, has provided for this.



Does this means that the work of God was brought into this world by Christ through the prophetic word, through you, His prophetess, and that it will also continue to be guided as before through the prophetic word of the Christ of God?



The work of God, the Homebringing Mission of Jesus Christ, from which Universelles Leben grew, was built by Christ through the prophetic word. It started with a small cell group and grew until it has achieved worldwide stability. By way of His speaking instrument, the word of God goes out into the whole world to millions of people. I have already said that a prophet cannot go into retirement; in accordance with the voice of the heart, he will continue to fulfill the will of God until God calls him or until the span of his life on Earth draws to an end and the voice of the heart says: Now it is wintertime for you. Rest and find entrance into the Kingdom of God.

Fall has dawned for me, bringing with it certain phases of rest, which at the same time are activity-rhythms of the next generation. During my time of autumn, I will teach the following generation the beauty of fall and show them what it means to bloom in spring, to ripen in summer, to bear fruits in late summer and fall, and what it means to pass on good fruits and how. A good tree bears good fruit; a bad tree bears bad fruit. My task was and still is to pass on good fruit. And so, I have not parted company with my brothers and sisters; I am neither separated from them nor have I died. I live; I am a sister among my brothers and sisters and the inner voice is alive in me – for all people in all the nations of this Earth, for the next generation, and for healthy and true-to-life business guidelines that are based on the principles of the Sermon on the Mount.



In other words, this means that you will also bring to Earth the lawful principles for running a business in the Spirit of God?



Yes, I have already started this. For some time now I have been giving the next generation lessons and instructions from the voice of the heart. My brothers and sisters are learning what it means to build a positive communication, to bring about unity among the members of an enterprise and to draw up a correct concept which is based on the fact that the thoughts of the members of the enterprise are decisive for the growth or decline of an enterprise.


The voice of the heart does not teach through me the Sermon on the Mount merely according to the words – as it is in the Bible. The voice of the heart deciphers the words of the Sermon on the Mount, showing their contents to those who bear responsibility in the Christ-Enterprises. We – and with the word “we” I include myself in the ranks of the brothers and sisters, in the flock of followers of the Nazarene – have set out to put all our strength to work daily so that the will of the Lord is done and the Kingdom of God can come to Earth more and more.


There is still much to give and do until the Sermon on the Mount is fulfilled in all its details and in all spheres of life – in families, in living together with friends, in the right kinds of conversations with business partners and interested parties.


The voice of the heart will teach many more details through me. For example, what it means to bring healthy food and a healthy way of living to the world; how the constellations of the stars irradiate the various kinds of plants; when one should sow and plant and how the soil should be prepared; that the constellations and the elements are in communication with each seed kernel and with each species of plant; what the farmer should pay attention to; how the bakers should work and how all kinds of food should be prepared so that a person can become or remain healthy. There is still much for the prophet to do at the side of the generation that has been built up and prepared. And so, for me, the instrument of God, fall is a creative time which may give even more wisdom from the source of divine wisdom.


So this means that you are showing the people, all of us, how a founding figure – be it in a spiritual community or an enterprise or in politics – can continue to give help and instructions to the following generation by means of leadership and advice. In your case, this also means that it is the Spirit of the Christ of God which is the initiator and leader of Universelles Leben. 



You speak of a “founding figure.” I do not want to apply this word to myself, because the work of God is just simply the work of the heavens and is not based on a person, no matter how he is called in this world, whether a personality or founding figure. I will never call myself, as a person, the founder, because then it would be the work of man which would someday perish.


The work of God is the rock, Christ. Whoever builds on the rock is a co-builder of the Kingdom of God on Earth, but the rock is the foundation. It is Christ.


Since the divine world does not speak with the language of man, it needs an instrument. I was prepared by the divine worlds to be a speaking instrument. For me as a human being, the preparation was hard, for again and again I had to subject my all-too-human will to the will of God. And so, this means that I had to bow in humility to the One who knows about all things, who needs a speaking instrument and not a person centered on himself.


Only years later, having passed the test as God’s speaking instrument, did the wise Spirit send me into the public. Thus, I am not a founding figure. The foundation of the work of God is based on the rock – Christ.

Of course, in the world, every business, political party, association or church institution has a founding figure. In the end, they all claim to be the founder as well as the person who carries the establishment in question. Often, it is so that the founder has made a position of power for himself that he doesn’t want to give up because it is his work. He seldom instructs the next generation, because he lives in fear that they could dispute his position.


So often in politics, commerce or even in the church institutions or other communities, the founder remains the power figure and spokesman beyond the onset of senility in old age. Often, they give instructions that the following generation no longer understands, because time and knowledge have moved forward. In order to keep hold of the rudder, many “leading personalities” become aggressive and dictatorial and will not tolerate any good advice that might come from the generation that follows – which has, in its turn, a different concept of the world.

The rigidity of such “personalities” can under these circumstances bring about the downfall of a work, a community or an institution. I am thinking here of Martin Luther who, through his theses, certainly had wanted something else than what he demanded, practiced and passed on in his old age. This became a time of inflexibility and an uncompromising attitude on his part, which was marked by disappointment and resignation. A further example is the so-called “Holy Father,” the pope of the Catholic Church. This aged man is in his time of winter. Would he still be able to present himself as the spokesman of his institution if he were not built up and stimulated by physicians, and surrounded and supported by cardinals?

Often a sad picture is presented when aged people, living in their winter, do not take a long look at themselves in the mirror and step down from the center stage of events. On the other hand, the one who has built up the coming generation in the summer of his life can step aside in the fall and be a helper and supporter; he can hand the rudder over to the coming generation and still row along with them.


But this is possible only when the Spirit of God is able to inspire a per-son and only in a community whose members are not “personality-oriented” but are all oriented to One – Christ.

The Christ of God is thus the rock of the work Universelles Leben, which brings the spiritual principles of the love and wisdom of God into the world, and continues to do so through the speaking instrument that I may be, and whom He calls His prophetess. At the end of His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus spoke of the deed. The right deed according to the teaching of Jesus is gradually being practiced in the Christ-Enterprises – just as a Catholic or Protestant enterprise should practice Catholicism or Protestantism in its enterprise. A person who calls himself Christian should also think, speak and act according to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. The teachings of Jesus, of the Universal Spirit, are the principles of the Sermon on the Mount, which the voice of the heart, of the Spirit of the Christ of God, taught and teaches and which a small community follows, step by step – the next generation in Universelles Leben, which has taken the rudder into its hand, and with which I will continue to row as long as the Eternal One wishes it. The Christ of God remains the initiator and leader, the “Living in the Spirit of God” in Universelles Leben.



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