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The Prophetess and Spiritual Ambassador of God
for our time

This event has now come to pass in our time. A woman, Gabriele, lives among us, who does not speak on her own authority, but speaks out what she receives from the Spirit of God, in the form of the divine language of light in her inner being, which she translates into human words. Over thirty years ago, she thus became a bridge between the divine-spiritual world and mankind. The Creator-Spirit, our heavenly Father, as well as Christ, give revelations through her and give mankind and individuals answers to all important questions regarding our life: Why we are on earth at all; where we come from and where we are going; why today’s civilization has fallen into an apocalyptical crisis, and how the future of this world will look. Never before did mankind need divine help as much as during the present time. That is why it is not surprising that God does remain silent now, but reveals Himself anew.

Gabriele is in the great bow of the prophets of God. It began with Abraham, who led people away from polytheism and toward the belief in the One God. Later came Moses, who brought the Ten Commandments of God to the people. Then followed Isaiah, who was the first to announce the kingdom of the unity between man, nature and animals, the Kingdom of Peace, and prophesied the arrival of the Messiah, of the Prince of Peace. This one appeared in Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, who could say of Himself: “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Through His Deed of Redemption, He gave each one of us the strength to return to the Father’s house, to our eternal homeland, from where we went forth.

Gabriele is the greatest bearer of the word of the Spirit of God since Jesus of Nazareth. As with all true prophets of God, her calling was connected with a deep inner struggle. She reports how she became frightened when for the first time she heard the voice of the Spirit of the Christ of God in her inner being: “I will establish a worldwide work through you.” She answered: “Lord, how should that happen? I am a simple person. I am not eloquent, so why me, of all people?” And the voice from the divine-spiritual world responded: “You went out, in order to give the prophetic word. He, the mighty Spirit, will place it on your lips, after a certain training, after a certain spiritual alignment. And you will speak out that which is His will.” And Christ said to her: “Trust and rely on Me. I will direct it.”

Gabriele trusted and over 30 years ago gave her “yes” to Christ. She has remained loyal to Him right up until today and the work of the Christ of God is now worldwide. During the past 20 years more than 120 books and brochures by Gabriele have been published by Verlag DAS WORT. Already at the very beginning, Christ talked about the fact that the spreading of the divine message would take place via radio and television programs. Today, numerous radio and television stations worldwide broadcast the programs produced by the Original Christians, among others also the television station “New Jerusalem for the Kingdom of Peace of Jesus Christ,” which broadcasts the messages from the All, the word of truth. Meanwhile people in nearly all the countries of this earth have made contact with Universal Life, and many groups of Original Christians have developed in many countries.

The divine world teaches the Inner Religion through Gabriele, a religion that knows no dogmas and ceremonies, no rites and rituals and above all, no intercessors in the form of pastors and priests, but shows each person the path to God in his inner being, to Christ in each one of us. This revolutionary message and the exposure of the false labeling practiced by the institutions, which call themselves “Christian” and frequently do the opposite of what Jesus taught, has led to massive attacks by church functionaries. During this time that was very difficult for Gabriele, the divine teachings went round the earth on a large scale, about which we can read the following in Gabriele’s short autobiography:
“Despite all these inner and outer demands, the Spirit began to teach, teach and teach again. He first taught about the message of unity, the message of love. He taught people who came to Him what it means to live in unity. He taught us people what peace means. He taught us the love of enemy. He taught us the love for God and for neighbour. He taught us how we should behave toward the animals and toward the Mother Earth. He taught us how we could become vegetarian. He taught us that creation is the omnipresent life, because He, God, is in all things.”

Gabriele lives this unity for us as an example. She meets us as sister among brothers and sisters, without making herself conspicuous. Just as Jesus of Nazareth was a man of the people, so today is Gabriele, the prophetess and messenger of God, a woman of the people. Like all true prophets, she received from God neither pomp, nor luxury nor power in this earthy existence. Gabriele came from the people and works today within the people as an equal – she simply gives the word of God.

In her short autobiography, Gabriele writes in summary about her life as a prophetess:
“Now, after 32 years, I can say that right up until today, everything has been fulfilled that the Eternal brought me to understand at the very beginning of the prophetic word. His work, which I was privileged to establish with His power, His love, with His wisdom and greatness, has grown and is known worldwide. He told me and explained to me over and over again: People come, and people go; people reject the word, people accept the word – and there will be Original Christians who will acknowledge Him as the prophetic Spirit and will gather around the prophetic Spirit. Let it be understood: They do not gather around me as the prophetess of God; instead, they gather around the prophetic Spirit, around the Christ of God! For I was and am a simple woman, who gives Him the honor and not herself.
“During the approximately 30 years, thousands of revelations flowed, and the Spirit gave, in detailed form, the lawful principles of life, the Inner Path. He taught how people should behave, in order to draw closer to Christ in their inner being. He taught how Christ can take a person by the hand, in order to lead him to the Father.
For many years, He taught this mighty event: ‘Christ in you – Christ with you – and Christ with you to the Father.’ This is how Original Christianity expanded more and more; just as it was 2000 years ago, it is similar today.”

Anyone who wants to know about the works of Gabriele, the prophetess and messenger of God, can find more information in the following book:

This Is My Word, Alpha und Omega

The Gospel of Jesus. The Christ-Revelation which the world does not know.


“Path to Cosmic Consciousness”.

Available at Verlag DAS WORT


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