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Tongues of Fire and the Change of Times

Many people do believe in God – even in a loving God. Nevertheless, they assume that this God is quite far away and that direct communication with Him is not possible.

The idea that God dwells in each one of us has frequently been forgotten – just as the belief that God might speak to man through the mouth of a prophet, although this should be rather obvious: Is it possible to believe in a loving God on one hand and on the other to assume that He remains silent, no matter what?

Time and again He sent mystics, seers and prophets to this Earth, who purified themselves and became permeable for the divine-spiritual world, who in their inner being received the word of God and could speak it out according to their calling. Such was the case with the great prophets of the so-called Old Testament, whom God called as His speaking instruments – most often under shaking circumstances: Isaiah had a vision of the overwhelming majesty of God: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of the hosts. The whole world is filled with His glory." The prophet Amos was taken away from his herd of cattle and experienced the call of God as a frightening intrusion. “The lion has roared, who will not fear? God, the Lord, has spoken, who can but prophesy?" Jeremiah experiences the calling in his youth and protests by saying that he is too young and cannot speak. Yet, in view of his divine mission his protest is quelled. .

Then came Jesus of Nazareth, the greatest prophet of all time. In Him, the first-beheld Son of God and Co-Regent of the heavens took on human form. He did not come in order to die, but to lead mankind into the forthcoming Kingdom of God of which prophets had been speaking for 1500 years, above all, Isaiah, as the proclaimer of the coming Messiah and His Kingdom of Peace

Prophets are persecuted for heresy

Something unbelievable loomed on the horizon: The Fall, the turning away from God, which took place in the spiritual world long before the development of life on Earth, was to be reversed, the long proclaimed change to be brought about. Again and again Jesus proclaimed this new kingdom. He did not mean an outer reign, but an inner transformation through the fulfillment of the commandment of love for God and neighbor. 


Yet this was too dangerous for the caste of priests of that time. It saw to it that the Messiah of the Kingdom of Peace was crucified for blasphemy. And when a worldwide movement started to develop with the name Christianity, a violent church usurped the teachings of the Nazarene and distorted them beyond recognition: The love for one's neighbor became hatred for the heretic, the loving God became a God of damnation, the Kingdom of the inner being – of which Jesus spoke – became an institution of worldly power – for 2000 years. And thus, the world has reached the edge of the abyss before which it stands today.

However, Jesus of Nazareth already had proclaimed: “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, he shall guide you into all the truth." Many Christians know this verse from the Gospel of John, but they misjudge its significance, thus blocking their view of the momentous event of our day: that God has again sent a high spirit being to man, incarnated in a woman with the earthly name Gabriele

Taken “into service” by God

A prophet does not fall from the sky in order to decide one day to act as the speaking instrument of God. Nor does he study philosophical, esoteric or theological literature, in order to accumulate knowledge that he then tries to pass on. Nor does he permit himself to be influenced by human helpers in order to develop a “religious concept” with outside knowledge. From the very beginning, all this would render him unsuitable to become the instrument of God – this orientation to human knowledge as well as a self-willed decision “to become a prophet." The direct communication of the human soul with the indwelling divine spiritual spark leading to the inner word cannot be forced. It requires the humble readiness of a purified person. And if the inner word should become the prophetic word, then furthermore, there must be a divine calling. The breakthrough of the divine in the human soul and in the life of the person called takes place overwhelmingly and leaves no choice to God’s chosen one. He is “taken into service” by the Almighty and is prepared for his task through much suffering. Human desires and bindings are cut off, so that the person may become a pure instrument through which God can speak.

The Creator does not remain silent!

All of this Gabriele had to experience herself. 25 years ago, when she first perceived the language of light of the Spirit in her inner being, the same thing happened as did to all the great prophets before her: “I was frightened and wanted to interrupt the inner stream. Then came the loving words: Do not be afraid. I will go with you through your entire life on Earth. You were always under My protection, for you went out to receive My word and to pass it on to the world." Within a quarter of a century she became the greatest prophet since Jesus of Nazareth. A mighty work of revelation and a worldwide Original Christian movement has emerged through her. Countless times the Spirit of God has spoken through her voice at public gatherings in which she translated the inner stream of light into human words. Countless times God spoke to her in the stillness of her heart giving her the mission to pass on to mankind what she had perceived in her inner being. And so it happened again on February 27, 2001 in a shaking warning of the Creator God to mankind.


Are we really aware of what this means and of what has been happening for over 20 years? God, the Creator Spirit, and Christ, who walked the Earth as Jesus of Nazareth and became our Redeemer, are both speaking to man. There may be some who must be careful to not simply take for granted this event, which surpasses our human understanding, no longer appreciating its dimensions of greatness. Others may have to watch not to decline too quickly and light-heartedly say: Who knows if this is really God speaking – I will go my own way. So too did the contemporaries of Jesus of Nazareth react; such was the reaction toward the great prophets before Him; such was the reaction of people toward mystics and prophetic people after Him. They always had the same excuse toward the callers of God crying in the wilderness of the Earth: It cannot be this one; it cannot be so; it cannot be now … can it or must it be so at all? It has to do with a vital decision: The one who hears the speaking God and actualizes His message in his daily life is able to gain everything that is needed by his soul in order to return to its eternal homeland. The one who hears the speaking God and continues in the same way runs the risk of losing everything…


The old vanishes, the new emerges

Isaiah’s message already contained three things: a warning, an announcement of great disaster and a promise of great salvation. The warning was: Let go of your burnt-offerings and slaughtered sacrifices; stop calling evil, good and good, evil; stop presenting the darkness as the light, and the light as the darkness. The announcement of disaster was: The evil and godlessness of man shall lead to great affliction – to wars and natural disasters. Through the prophet Isaiah, already 2700 years ago, God announced to mankind the ecological catastrophes of today: “The earth shall be utterly laid waste and utterly despoiled…, the earth mourns and withers, the world languishes and withers; …, the earth lies polluted under its inhabitants, for they have transgressed the laws, violated the statutes, broken the everlasting covenant.” The prophetic curse, i.e. the law of cause and effect, also strikes “Babel, the most beautiful amongst the kingdoms." It shall be destroyed as were Sodom and Gomorrah, as it is said. Here we already find discernible what again appears in the revelation of John 800 years later: the whore of Babylon, the biblical symbol for an externalized religious cult is doomed, that is, those institutions which with pomp and splendor, with magic rites and rigid dogmas put themselves between God and the people, courting favor with the powerful on this Earth. John of Patmos is even more outspoken in the apocalypse than was Isaiah: “Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues." But, let us return to Isaiah and the third part of his message, the promise: It encompasses above all the birth of a boy-child who shall become the Redeemer of mankind, and then the return of the Spirit of the Christ into a Kingdom of Peace in coming, where swords are turned into plowshares, the wolf lives by the lamb and the leopard lies by the kid, in which a little boy will watch over calves and young lions, where cows and bears will graze together and where a suckling child will play at the hole of the asp …


No cult and no slaughtered sacrifices

Another great prophet before Jesus of Nazareth was Jeremiah. He, too, used the word “Babel” and warned of an externalized religious cult; he, too, turns against burnt-offerings and slaughtered sacrifices. Jeremiah reprimanded the caste of priests of his time. He called upon the people to turn back and no longer listen to the lies, when someone should say to them: “This is the temple of the Lord." He called to his contemporaries: “Amend your ways and your doings." "Exert no violence upon foreigners." This was too much for the priests. They demanded his death. Before Jeremiah died, most probably by stoning, he announced great misery, war and natural catastrophes. However, also through Jeremiah God proclaimed the eternal covenant in which He will not turn away from His people. One will again buy fields in this land of which it is said to be a desert and finally: “I will put my law within them, and I will write it upon their hearts; and I will be their God and they shall be my people.”

Spiritual causes of vandalism

500 years later Jesus of Nazareth appeared on this Earth. His message can in part still be found in the official Bible: The Sermon on the Mount, the warning of being satisfied with an external faith – the Kingdom of God is within you, He teaches; it is not mere faith which is important but the deed; it was His Kingdom of Peace that He wanted to bring down to the Earth, if man had accepted it. He, too, warned of the consequences of godlessness. He predicted wars and natural catastrophes, earthquakes, even tremors of our solar system. What did He have in mind: the inclination of the axis of the Earth, or the impact of meteorites or a reversal of the poles? The latter is long overdue, as is well known. Yet, through all misery what shines, and particularly with Jesus of Nazareth, is the message that the Kingdom of God is near, the spiritual return of the Christ of God who will reign over His Kingdom of Peace.


During the fifth century the Church proclaimed with incredible arrogance that this Kingdom of Peace had already come through it. “Babel” again had spoken and during the following centuries demonstrated before the eyes of man what kind of Kingdom of God the ecclesiastical Babylon meant: a totalitarian regime, the mightiest in history, in which the Inquisition condemned and tortured, in which religious wars conquered and murdered and in which through missionary fanaticism entire tribes and peoples were slaughtered – millions of people.

And the animals are held to be soulless beings, somewhat like a bio-mass suitable for whatever purpose of the Christian domineering lords. That Jesus of Nazareth, the teacher of peaceableness, also taught the peaceable treatment of animals remained hidden in the apocryphal scriptures that were never accepted in the official canon of the Bible. However, Paul’s writing was accepted, that all meat can be eaten and one should feel no guilt about it. Herein lie the spiritual causes for the vandalism toward animals with which we are confronted today – in the huge barns of animals, in the torture chambers of animal experiments and in the forced mass production of animals through artificial insemination. Man has turned his back on the divine order, cutting himself off from the cosmic potential of life and creating his own circle of cause and effect which is turning faster and faster.

And in the midst of this time God speaks again through the mouth of a prophet – for 25 years now. Much of what lies before our eyes today like a tongue of fire– animal pestilences and the poisoning of our foodstuffs – was already announced many years ago through Christ-revelations. It was also said that the Earth lies in a fever of infirmity and illness that is spreading from the south to the north. And the relationship between man and animal was also mentioned repeatedly: "After 2000 years the animals are still hanging from the slaughter beams, similar to Me as Jesus of Nazareth. After 2000 years the bodies of the animals are torn open, chopped up and prepared for the palate of the so-called Christians. Do you not know that you cannot live without your divine heritage of which the nature kingdoms are also a part? Do you not know that man and nature should form a unity? As in heaven the spirit beings form a unity with infinity, with the pure nature, in such a way man should become a unity and form a unity."

The pyres are burning again

Who has followed these warnings? Meanwhile in Europe the pyres are burning again. This time the animals are being burned. Millions of sheep, pigs and cattle are going up in smoke. The slaughtering of animals by modern man becomes itself an absurdity. Until now, animals were killed to be eaten; recently 250,000 animals were killed in England, not in order to be eaten, nor because they are ill, but because they might become ill; and in Germany up to 400,000 healthy cattle will be disposed of as refuse in order to support the price of beef. Can mankind sink any further? 


This is the background to the prophetic message of February 27, 2001. The eternal God warned the people and at first made it clear to them once again of who was speaking: “I Am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. I Am the God of all true prophets." Do we feel the might which lies behind these words? And out of God's might comes the call: “Stop consuming your fellow creatures which are your animal brothers and sisters! Stop torturing them in animal experiments and taking away their freedom by keeping them in barns and pens which are unworthy of animals!”

Do we not catch our breath at this? God, the Creator, calls upon us to stop this barbarism, to suspend the mass murder of animals … and He further calls upon us: “Stop cutting and burning down the forests and taking the living space of the animals away from them in forests and fields. Give them back their living space, the forests, fields and meadows…"

And then follows the warning: “Should human beings again toss My words to the wind, the storm, the fate that is worldwide, will begin and sweep away the people by the hundreds of thousands – on the one hand through worldwide catastrophes, on the other through illnesses which break in over them like the epidemics which, by turning their backs on every kind of spiritual ethics and morals, they have inflicted on the animals that they are presently burning by the thousands. Similar things will happen to the one who does not turn back and change his ways.” 

And finally a true blow with the hammer of divine earnestness: “My word is spoken. The worldwide apocalypse is underway."

Evolution through peaceableness

But it has to do with much more. It has to do with a new inner attitude toward nature and the animals, with a vegetarianism which results not only out of the fear of BSE but out of the respect and love for our animal brothers and sisters. How do I treat the dogs and the cats I encounter every day? What is it that connects me with the plants and animals in the garden and in the open spaces of nature? Peacefulness toward animals is possible only when we become peaceable among ourselves. Only then is it possible to make the jump of evolution which is needed in this turn of time and to which the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has called on us to do: to find peace and unity among ourselves and with nature. For now is the time in which the Kingdom of Peace arises that has been proclaimed since Isaiah. The initial stages are already taking place through a group of people who have come together to purchase fields and forests where people and animals may live peacefully together, where a peaceable farming takes place, where no animals are slaughtered and the gifts of nature are passed on pure and unaltered as healthy foodstuffs. But beyond this, it means that every person is serious in his work, with his friends and with his family about what the God of all prophets has called on us for – peace among people and peace with nature


(This text was published in the journal “Das Friedensreich” 5/2001.)



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