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Why Does God, the Eternal, Speak?

Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God,
answered this question:

From the historical past we know that God, the Eternal, has always sent us prophets through whom He not only gavewarning, but strongly pointed out the path to take when the people became increasingly degenerate. This decadence was expressed in the base excesses and ecstasies of the human ego and, it introduced a decisive turn in the history of mankind through  crass transgressions of the fundamental principles of divine order.

When we look at our world today and analyze daily occurrences and events, it is apparent why God sent a prophet into this time, through whom He reveals Himself. The alert person recognizes that we are in the midst of a mighty turning point of life on earth, a time of radical change such as has never existed before in the history of mankind. In our time, we are experiencing the beginnings and the events of what is pictorially expressed in the book of Revelations of John in the Bible.

Disasters in the world as well as on the earth are gaining ground. Mankind has destroyed to a great extent the earth and its protective mantle, the atmosphere. The stratosphere is opening up more and more. The influences coming from the universe are affecting us in many different ways.

The oceans have become the rubbish pits of human unculture; in them we find the waste waters of countless factories and stored, radiating atomic wastes. The soils of the earth are exhausted. The rain forests – which are the lungs of the earth – have been clearcut over large areas. Dams are being built with enormous amounts of water being diverted. Plants and animals are manipulated; animals are unspeakably tortured, including in laboratories for experimental purposes. Thousands and thousands of species are dying out, as a result of the interference of man in the realm of nature, whereby the earth can no longer provide them a living space under the conditions they require.

People are becoming more and more cruel. Trade in human organs is becoming a big business. Scientists from many a field of expertise are deliberately intervening in different areas and structures of life – infringements in the God-given order – before which man used to have a certain natural respect that held him back. Blows of fate are increasing and becoming concentrated. Hunger, disease, bestial, belligerent actions and violent crimes threaten people over all the regions of the earth. The gap between rich and poor grows ever more. There are more and more scandals, more and more cases of corruption. Inequality, injustice, manipulation, lies and deception on small as well as large scales, and unemployment increasingly lead to tensions. The intolerable conditions in the world are rapidly becoming more brutal and alarming. Developments are coming thick and fast – what was still valid yesterday is already null and void today. This is also true for the words of the powerful on this earth. Already from these few highlights one can deduce that we are in the first phase of a radical change of gigantic proportions and catastrophic consequences.

When a people grows decadent, it is characteristic that all ethical and moral values diminish. Lack of self-control gains ground. It is apparent that institutional “Christianity” no longer offers a hold for the people. Despite their grandeur and golden splendor, the churches are becoming more and more empty – as empty as many a pious word that was and is spoken in them. Many, who, in the churches, sought God, their Father, and the path leading to Him have had to conclude that He cannot be found there. The God of the church teachings helps them neither understand nor meet their personal fate. Because they cannot bring into congruence their image of a loving God with the fact that their blows of fate, their illnesses, their needs and everything that the world bears in the way of filth is neither lessened nor eliminated by this God, they have lost faith in Him. A God who sends His children into eternal damnation is difficult to trust.The church authorities with their personal show of splendor or intellect merely display themselves instead of giving the clear and unfalsified teaching of Jesus, the Christ, and personifying this in the awareness that they themselves are only the servants of the One who is everything, and paying honor to the One whom God sent: His Son.

If we think about the life of Jesus, of His teaching, the Good News, the announcement of the great love of God, and if we compare this with today’s Christianity, then we see that there is practically nothing left of the simple and uncomplicated teaching of Jesus. Everything is directed toward personal power and profit. Few church Christians know that they themselves are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in them. Few know that they can simply turn to the God of the heart in order to directly communicate with Him through the prayer that they strive to fulfill in their everyday life, and to grow closer to Him through the fulfillment of God’s commandments and Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. This requires no priests or ministers, no intercessors, no dogmas or rituals, but solely the knowledge that God, who dwells in the heart of every person, loves them and wants to help them, if they want. We need no more than the knowledge that the person is responsible for what he does, according to the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount: You must account for every useless word on Judgment Day. This is also true for evil thoughts, for impure feelings and base deeds, for acting according to the basest of human drives.

From this we can conclude that a person will reap what he sows. It is not God who sends us what we have to bear and suffer today; God did not pollute the earth and the oceans; God did not intrude into the atmosphere in order to open it up; God did not send hunger, disease and suffering. God did not send His Son so that we could learn to tear organs from the bodies of children in the third world or how to torture, kill and consume animals, to clearcut the rain forests and to divert the waters of the earth by means of enormous dams. God did not send us His Son to teach us how to get rich in an “elbow-economy,” so that the poverty gap would develop. Neither did Jesus teach us bestial, belligerent action or advise us to listen to those in power in the Church. He said to us: Follow Me, Jesus, the Christ! He taught us this in simple, uncomplicated rules of life, which are, at the same time, the highest teachings. The masses were kept indolent and dumb. They tolerated this and the fact that theologians and church authorities became administrators of a religion that merely bears the guise of being “Christian.”

Should the Christ of God remain silent when His teaching is distorted and used for the accumulation of wealth or the gratification of the ego and the church faithful are led astray? There is nothing left in the institutional churches of the inner religion, the religion of the heart, of the deep belief in the just deed of the teachings.

The fact that during this time God sent a prophet to the people through whom He reveals Himself in order to rescue His children, whom He loves, from their self-inflicted torments – which according to the law of sowing and reaping will come to them at some point – can be understood only by the one to whom it has become a certainty that God is love, that He, God, our eternal Father, worries about us, His children. The proof of His great love is His divine Son, the Co-Regent of the heavens, who came and, as Jesus of Nazareth, gave us an understanding of our eternal Father of love, who can be found in every person, only in prayer in one’s quiet chamber and through the fulfillment of His commandments and the Sermon on the Mount.

These simple words of Jesus, these hints and true-to-life teachings about how to experience God, our eternal Father, in our heart were deliberately suppressed by the church leaders. Jesus did not want us to be oriented to church officials, pastors, priests, bishops, cardinals, or to the one who lets himself be called “Holy Father.” Jesus did not want any of this. Nor do we need any of this. Jesus taught us the Lord’s Prayer, that we should forgive our neighbor and ask our neighbor to forgive us for our sins, and that our eternal Father can forgive us only when we do this from our heart. Here, too, there is no need for confession or church leaders, who have the audacity to want to take away the sins of other sinners – supposedly in the name of God.

Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might, and your neighbor as yourself. This is a simple and uncomplicated teaching - “of course,” too simple for church officials. Now and then they pass it on with qualifying clauses, but the correct meaning of this great and unique teaching is not made clear and, above all, not lived as an example for the people. If the representatives of the main churches would personify this unique teaching, to love God with one’s whole heart, then they would no longer have the right to call themselves church dignitaries.

Especially during this time, in which a mighty collapse is indicated, God has sent a prophet again, in order to say to mankind: I AM present. I AM here, during the hardest time as well. But God forces no one to listen to Him. Through the prophet, God gives, and the one who accepts and receives His words, that is, who actualizes them in His daily life, experiences God in his heart.

After more than 20 years of prophetic activity, I still do not feel adequate for this mighty task. I never wanted to be a prophet. But in the soul of a prophet lies the prophetic directive of God, which must be fulfilled by the prophet.

When I found God in my heart, I only wanted to be His child, His daughter, and to fulfill His will. The prophetic office has always been difficult for me and still is today, but I do it because God wants it this way. In the end, I am a prophet against my will.



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