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Who Is Sitting on the Chair of Peter?

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The world experienced a long drawn-out media spectacle in Rome during the first months of 2005. First with the death of the former occupant of the Chair of Peter and then, with the inauguration of his successor. During the pompous festivities, the name of “Jesus” or “Christ” was discernible only sporadically. Instead, great pageantry, pomp, resplendence and riches were placed on display.

One result of such a glittering display was that questions were raised which we will try to answer: What is actually behind this Chair of Peter, also known as the Holy See, which has let itself be so continuously celebrated for so long in Rome? How did this Holy See portray itself in the past? What are its intentions? And: What should we still expect from it?

Read for yourself our roundtable discussions under the title: "For the Analytical Mind - Who Is Sitting on the Chair of Peter?" with the following themes:

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Who Is Sitting on the Chair of Peter?

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"Only for the clever and analytical mind.
Who Is Sitting on the Chair of Peter?"

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To the current debate taking place on the statement Pope Benedict XVI made
to the topic “Islam and Christianity.”

"Pope Joseph Ratzinger may very well speak for the Vatican Church, but not for Christianity or for Christ!"

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