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Christ, the Key to the Door of Life

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Gabriele, the prophetess and spiritual ambassador of God at this time,
received the following message from the Eternal One on February 27, 2001, which she herewith passes on to her fellow man


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Books to download
What is Universal Life and who are the Original Christians?
Pamphlet:  The Prophet
Der Prophet Nr. 13
The Animals Lament - 
The Prophet Denounces
Pamphlet: "The Prophet" (no.10)
Pamphlet: " The Prophet" ( no.7 )

The Sermon on the Mount of Jesus

The Original Christians and the Officially Recognized Churches


Original Christian Gathering Places
A Meeting of All God-Seekers
The Cosmic School of Life
the Key to the Door of Life

What is the Original Christian   Development of Consciousness in   the Awareness of Jesus, the Christ?

Radio Santec RealAudio - Radio broadcasting Brief extracts of the Cosmic School of Life
Radio Santec RealAudio - Radio broadcasting  

Happiness, Freedom and Success
The Original Christian School of Life 
The Inner Path to Becoming One 
With the Spirit of God in Us


The Creed of the Original Christians in Universal Life


Would you like to listen to our radio programs on the air
or experience a live transmission at the Original Christians gathering place
or via  Radio Santec (RealAudio)?

Radio Santec RealAudio - Radio broadcasting

Thousands of radio programs on spiritual issues in many languages

Various Activities of the Original Christians

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