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Original Christian Gathering Places 
Meeting of All God-Seekers 
The Cosmic School of Life
Christ, the Key to the Door of Life


Every Sunday at 10 a.m.
Original Christian Gathering Place

Not Catholic, not Protestant, solely Christ. No membership, no costs, 
free of priests, parsons, ministers, excellencies and eminencies.
We have no “Holy Father”, only one Father, who is in heaven.
We are all brothers and sisters in the spirit of Christ.


Christian Faith, Free in the Spirit of GOD

The Cosmic School of Life, the Meeting of All God-Seekers is for everyone – no matter if Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, of a different faith or Atheist.
With us it´s not important to be a member of a religious community but to grow nearer to GOD.
God seeking people, free Christians, come together in
Original Christian Gathering Places. The meeting is transmitted from Würzburg to many major cities on all continents. Every Original Christian Gathering Place can join in the conversation via telephone.
Come without obligation and incognito if you like and bring your friends and aquaintances, too.
You´ll find many Original Christian Gathering Places in the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
In the Original Christian Gathering Places God-seeking people meet every Sunday in the Cosmic School of Life, to hear and talk about the cosmic teachings of Jesus of Nazareth revealed by prophecy again today.
At regular intervals and within the framework of the Cosmic School of Life, the Inner Path - Happiness, Freedom and Success - The Original Christian School of Live - The Inner Path to becoming one with the Spirit of God in us - takes place.
Here you can find some excerpts from the spiritual schooling hours like “The Order in Our Thoughts Leads to a Positive Communication With Our Neighbour”, “How Do I Experience the Depth of Prayer ?” or “The Inner Path Means: I Develop Myself and Allow the Higher Forces to Be Effective Through Me”.

For further questions about dates, meeting places in your area or free information call us:

Germany: Tel. 0931 / 3903-0
Fax 0931 / 3903-233
Switzerland:  Tel. 01 / 492 54 26
Fax 01 / 492 64 74
Austria:  Tel. 0662 / 64 31 36
Fax 0662 / 64 31 72
USA: Tel. 0800 / 846-2691
Canada: Tel. 0800 / 806-9997

The telephone hotline for questions on the Inner Path: 

Every Tuesday from 7 : 30 to 9 : 00 p. m. CET, Telephone 0931 / 3903-0

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