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Every person finds himself on a certain path through life. At some point the question arises: Why am I here at all? What is the meaning of my existence? What goals should, or will I, follow?

Most people suppress these questions and simply live from day to day – for their family, for occupational success, for raising their standard of living and much, much more. Each one seeks "his fortune" somewhere or other. But in the long run this cannot be found on the outer level. The soul longs for more and for what is more lasting. It senses that it is divine origin and that the purpose of 

life is to free oneself from the ballast of one’s sinfulness and all-too-humanness, in order to again find eternal happiness in God. Since time immemorial, paths to this happiness have been offered in all religions and esoteric teachings of salvation. But since the Christ of God walked on this earth in Jesus of Nazareth, His word is valid: "I Am the way, the truth and the life." And: "No one comes to the Father but through Me."

The path that He teaches us is the path of the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. The most important guideline therein says: "Love God, your eternal Father, with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself …" as well as: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you …" If mankind had oriented itself to this, the world would be different today. But the teaching of the Nazarene was not taken seriously and the Sermon on the Mount was distorted in bad compromises – and not lastly by the church institutions, whose representatives explained that the Sermon on the Mount is utopian that and cannot be lived in everyday life.

Nevertheless, during the last 2000 years there were always people who took it seriously – even though they were persecuted as outsiders because of this. They strove for the kingdom of the inner being which Jesus of Nazareth announced – in contrast to the external realm of a pompous church.

The early Christian teacher and mystic Origenes was such a follower of Christ. He was damned by the Church as a teacher of heretical doctrine. The Cathars and Bogumiles also took inner Christianity seriously. They were wiped out by the church inquisition. Things went similarly for many true mystics and followers of Christ during the past 2000 years.

In our days, in this great turn of time from the materialistic to the spiritual era, the Spirit of the Christ of God has once again revived this Original Christian stream which never completely dried up.

The main concern of Jesus of Nazareth and the main task of the Christ of God through His prophetess for the present time is the Original Christian School of Life to becoming one with the Spirit of  God in us. It offers all willing people inestimable help in recognizing ourselves, in clearing up our sinfulness and in connecting again with the divine in us. This is a mystical path of evolution, on which the pilgrim to God opens his spiritual consciousness on several levels and can find his way to a God-filled life.

What are the details concerning this path?

After a preparatory course of Original Christian Development of Consciousness in the awareness of Jesus, the Christ, we learn on the first level, the Level of Order, to put our thoughts in order, to curb our speech as well as to refine our senses and to turn within. Purposeful tasks and experiences help us to recognize ourselves and to clear up our faults, by repenting of them, asking our neighbor for forgiveness, forgiving and – through the transforming power of the Christ of God – to become free step by step for a life in peace with our neighbor. This is not always easy in the beginning. We are called upon to work off our worst wrong attitudes from the past. Our everyday life becomes a  field of practice for self-recognition. Life becomes more interesting.

On the second level of the Inner Path, the Level of Will, we become more permeable for the Spirit of God in us. Our conscience reacts more intensively and causes us to recognize the various aspects of our egocentric self-will. More and more often, we sense what is actually behind our reactions when we get upset about others, and that much that we hold against our life partner or colleagues at work is also in us, ourselves. The tasks and exercises on the Level of Will help us to reduce our egocentric programs and to sense more and more, via our purified sensations and feelings, what God’s will is. Our concentration on what is essential in life grows. Gradually, we feel that it is not we who are active, but He is active through us.

If by mastering our all-too-humanness on the levels of Order and Will we have liberated ourselves more and more from the shackles of egocentricity, then our spiritual horizon broadens accordingly. We gradually experience something of the clarity and stillness of our divine self, so that we can draw nearer to the Level of Wisdom, on which our spiritual consciousness unfolds further. We live from within and gain farsightedness and insight into deeper correlations. Wisdom is the deed, and at that, in the spirit of selfless action. From his opened spiritual consciousness, the student of the Level of Wisdom is able to act more and more in accordance with the laws of God and thus, be a help for his neighbor and of service to mankind.

The more he becomes this, the more he grows toward the Level of Earnestness, on which the fruits of a life in the Spirit of God and in the service of mankind can be seen. The steadfast, sovereign person who thinks and acts in a selfless, clear and straightforward manner is largely free from compulsive desires, from worry and from wanting things for himself. Oriented totally toward the divine, the eternal I Am, he receives from there the impulses for his life. When we have completed the consciousness level of divine Earnestness, we have matured in the spirit of the selfless, serving love and have awakened in the divine consciousness. Our divine brother, Himself, then leads us by way of our light-filled inner being to perfection, to the heart of our eternal Father.

This is the highest goal of the unfoldment of the human consciousness. In the Original Christian School of Life of the Spirit of God on earth, we learn how one can reach this goal – by following Jesus of Nazareth in the deed, in the daily actualization of His teachings, and especially in dealing with and in relation to our neighbor

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