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the Voice of the Heart

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The voice of the heart,
the eternal truth, the eternal law of God,
given by the prophetess of God for our time

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The Prophet No. 15

Animals Lament - The Prophet Denounces!

10 The Prophet No. 10

The Youth and the Prophet

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8 The Prophet No. 08

Servile Faith and Its "Mysteries"

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07 The Prophet No. 07

"Christian" Living Throughout the Year.
Christmas, the highest celebration of the year?

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06 The Prophet No. 06

The Pirouettes of Life. Fate: My fate, your fate, our fate, whose life plan? A just or unjust God ?

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Building the Divine Work in the Deed - Business management according to the Sermon on the Mount and as received from the Spirit of the Christ of God

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03 The Prophet No. 03

Who Started it All - Adam or Eve?
The position of the woman in the community

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02 The Prophet No. 02

Of Priests and Prophets - Why have they always been at odds?

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01 The Prophet No. 01

Founding Figures - Friends or foes of the enterprises they build up?

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