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CHRIST is teaching again, in and through Universal Life, the principles of equality, unity, freedom, brotherliness and justice.

Universal Life is a worldwide Christian movement based on the revelations of the Spirit of the Christ-of-God that are given to mankind today by way of the prophetic word (through Gabriele of Wuerzburg). These revelations explain the divine laws of life and the basic spiritual principles that are the backdrop to such questions of life as reincarnation, life after death, health and illness, man and the cosmos and much, much more.

In Universal Life the Spirit is teaching the INNER PATH to God in the innermost being of every person, the path of self-recognition and the daily application of the divine laws as found in the Ten Commandments and in the Sermon on the Mount. Step by step we are taught how to work with the divine laws and lead positive, fruitful lives starting from within, from the inner being of each person. By changing ourselves towards the positive, towards the fulfillment of the words of Jesus of Nazareth who said, "...become perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect", this positive inner being then has its effect on the external. We become healthier and happier; we understand ourselves better and through this, we learn to understand our fellow man better. From this understanding grows good will and tolerance and a peaceful co-existence based on mutual freedom and respect. Thus, through the INNER PATH which begins with the ORIGINAL CHRISTIAN DEVELOPMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS courses, every willing person can find the way to the divine Self, to the unity with Christ.

In the "Meeting of All God-Seekers - the Cosmic School of Life", people of all religious faiths, denominations and ideologies come together to pray and to listen to the revelations of Christ. In Universal Life one can find free Christians in the tradition of Early Christianity - without membership, rites, ceremonies or priests. The "Original Christians" put the commandments of God into daily practice in all spheres of life: in the family, at work, in business or social interactions, in kindergartens and schools, in health, medicine and social services, in agriculture - just to mention a few.

A good way to get to know Universal Life is through the books, cassettes, and videos from the Universelles Leben series, through the "Christ-State" newspaper, or by listening to our radio programs broadcast by many radio stations all over the world.

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