The Word, the Cosmic Wave

To be free needs very little,
and who free is, King is he

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Christ is the free Spirit. Everyone can come to Him. No ecclesiastical institutions or dogmas, ceremonies or rites are needed for this. Jesus brought us the Father of love, who again opened up the direct path to Him through the deed of redemption of His Son, Jesus, the Christ. In order to reach Christ in the Father, no human intermediaries are necessary.

Become a free Christian! Believe in Christ, whose Spirit dwells in all souls and men.

Shortwave Frequency and Broadcasting Schedule

22:30 CET

Middlewave 1584 AM

23:00 CET

Middlewave 1323 & 1386 AM


18:00 UTC

13.855 Ghana / Nigeria / Cameroun

13:00 UTC

31 m: 9435

Ask for broadcasts offered in your area!
UTC = Greenwich Mean Time

Decide freely and without pressure whether you want to
or can accept what you hear - or not.

Free people are free Christians, too.

Greetings from the free Christians in the original Christian spirit, and as brothers and sisters in the Spirit of God.

Free Christians for Free Christians

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