The voice of the heart,
the eternal truth, the eternal law of God,
given by the prophetess of God for our time.


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Pamphlets »The Prophet« ZIP
»The Prophet« No. 16
The Murder of Animals
Is the Death of Humans
HTML Format
»The Prophet« No. 15
Animals Lament –
The Prophet Denounces!

160 Pages, file size: 311 KB 
HTML Format
»The Prophet« No. 10
The Youth and the Prophet
HTML Format
»The Prophet« No. 9
The Oldtimer and the Prophet
»The Prophet« No. 8
Servile Faith and Its Mysteries
HTML Format
»The Prophet« No. 7
"Christian" Living Throughout the Year
HTML Format

»The Prophet« No. 6
The Pirouettes of Life.
Fate: My Fate, Your Fate, Our Fate.
Whose Life Plan? A Just or Unjust God?

HTML Format
»The Prophet« No. 5
The Creed of the Original Christians
In Universal Life
»The Prophet« No. 4
Building the Divine Work of the Deed –
Business Management According to
the Sermon on the Mount
HTML Format
»The Prophet« No. 3
The Position of the Woman in the Community
HTML Format
»The Prophet« No. 2
Of Priests and Prophets –
Why Have They Always Been at Odds?
HTML Format
»The Prophet« No. 1
Founding Figures – Friends or Foes of the
Enterprises They Build Up?
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