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Universal Life

Universal Life is the universal stream of life, which goes out from the eternal Father and which Jesus of Nazareth taught us and lived as an example for us. The universal stream of life is the heaven’s all-encompassing law of life of the heavens. The Son of God came to us human beings from the universal stream of life. He was the prophet of God, the proclaimer of God, His Father, just like all prophets who came before and after Him. His life on Earth, His “It Is Finished,” is His Redeemer-deed and the key to the kingdom of heaven, which Jesus, the Christ, opened for all people and souls. On the cross, Jesus of Nazareth became the victor and thus, the Redeemer of all people and souls. With His inner strength and His faithfulness to God, His heavenly Father, He vanquished the desire and the will of the demons to dissolve God’s All-creation. He is the Christ of God, who came from the heavenly Father to us, human beings, and for us, human beings.

Jesus of Nazareth was a man of the people. He was straightforward, upright and devoted to God in all things. In all His words and teachings, He praised His heavenly Father. Jesus of Nazareth taught us the application of the Ten Commandments of God and His Sermon on the Mount in all facets of life. What He taught, He also lived. Jesus of Nazareth gave us people an understanding of the Kingdom of God. He taught peace, the love for God and neighbor and prayer in the quiet chamber. The Free Spirit was active in Jesus of Nazareth, the Spirit that He also wanted to give us an understanding of. He was against churches of stone, against priests, Pharisees and scribes. He was against dogmas and rites, against church regulations and all things compulsory, against eternal damnation, against external pomp and personal wealth. Jesus of Nazareth was a pacifist. He was against violence, against weapons, against war, against fratricide and, as we know through the prophetic word, also against the murder of animals. Because Jesus was against any kind of ties and violence, He was branded a sectarian by the Pharisees, scribes and priests. In accordance with His life and works, Original Christianity and the Original Christian stream developed, to which we Original Christians also belong.

About us

And so, who are we? We are free people and do not belong to any ecclesiastical institution or any external religion. We belong to the One, who taught us: “Follow Me!” For the Pharisees, scribes and priests of that time, Jesus was a sectarian. In the eyes of the present ecclesiastical institutions and their worshippers we, too, as followers of Jesus of Nazareth, are also sectarians, that is, a sect. If you sing the same tune as today’s priests, Pharisees and scribes, we will not hinder you in this, because there is a just blacksmith in the material cosmos. If many a one thinks we are arrogant, we would like to say the following about this: For one thing, anyone who wants to follow Jesus of Nazareth has to struggle with himself, because who is without faults anyway? For another, the so-called “Saint” Paul, whom the church institutions venerate and to whom they pray, taught his faithful: “Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”

Original Christianity – the Original Christian Stream, the Spiritual Basis

Universal Life stands for the worldwide Original Christian stream. Original Christians in the following of Jesus of Nazareth, of the free cosmic Spirit, followers of the Nazarene, are for tolerance, openness, straightforwardness, honesty, freedom and truthfulness. The extensive spiritual wealth that has come into this world for 40 years through the prophetess and emissary of God, Gabriele – with the civil name, Gabriele Wittek – links up with Early Christianity on the basis of the Ten Commandments of God and the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus of Nazareth. As stated: Jesus of Nazareth did not found any external religion, as is presented by the institutions in their meaning. With authority, He represented the living, free Spirit, whose universal, eternal law is love and freedom.

The Universal Free Spirit

We Original Christians follow the universal, free Spirit of love and freedom. We live in Him and we are active in His Spirit. Because this is so, we do not proselytize. We do not justify ourselves, but we do correct untruths. For this reason, we do not want to present in Internet the divine-spiritual wealth, which is given to mankind through the divine prophetic word, because often a fight develops there in “for and against.” Unfortunately, Internet has gotten so out of control, that in many cases one can talk about a battlefield. Followers in the Free Spirit of Jesus of Nazareth do not want to enter such a territory, where slander, hatred and character assassination develop through speech and counter-speech. Each one can do as he likes. According to the law of equilibrium, justice will be the victor.

Clarification About the Abuse of Christ’s Name

Jesus of Nazareth did not walk softly; He clarified things “as one who had authority and not as the scribes,” as it says in the scriptures. Original Christians, followers of Jesus of Nazareth, champion what He taught and lived as an example. He taught the love for God and neighbor, toward people, nature and animals. He did not teach to produce weapons or to wage war. Because we Original Christians elucidate about the abuse of Christ’s name and spread His teachings, we are frequently ostracized as sectarians, primarily by the church institutions. We will not oppose the decades-long defamation campaigns.

Opinions and Defamations

Dear fellow people, many commentaries that you may find in Internet regarding the spiritual stream of Original Christian life do not correspond to the facts. Anyone who in Internet deliberately spreads false information, including insults and slander, and anyone who wants to believe such anti-Christian defamations is free to do so. We Original Christians count on the unprejudiced power of judgment of all those who are still capable of thinking independently, of examining and weighing things.  

Do you wonder about the word Anti-Christ? Who is the Anti-Christ? The one who merely calls himself Christian and who turns the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth about the step-by-step fulfillment of the Ten Commandments of God and the Sermon on the Mount into their opposite.
At the end, are the fruits – less-good, good or bad fruits.


Jesus von Nazareth was insulted by the Pharisees, priests and scribes as a sectarian. Why should it be any different for us Original Christians who follow Him? In the Free Spirit, whom we Original Christians follow, there is no commandment of shutting oneself off. The commandment of love of neighbor excludes judgment over those who think differently, also regarding religion, skin color, sex, origin or the like.

Where Can You Find Information about the Spiritual Wealth?

We recommend the television programs of the series “The Worldwide Original Christian Stream – Original Christians in the Following of Jesus of Nazareth, of the Free Cosmic Spirit,” which are broadcast worldwide by many stations. In addition, there are many other programs on this topic.
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